Had Wanted In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Had Wanted | Had Wanted Sentence

  • He had wanted it to be as before.
  • His eyes had wanted her.
  • That was all she had wanted to know.
  • He had wanted not to be alone.
  • He was theirs still and he had wanted them.
  • What he had wanted of theirs he had taken.
  • This was exactly what he had wanted.
  • She had wanted to get nearer to him.
  • His mother had wanted him home with her.
  • He had wanted to come also.
  • As he did so he realized that he had wanted him very badly.
  • All three of them had wanted the picture.
  • No wonder he had wanted to marry her at once!
  • She had wanted to sell them and had been entrapped.
  • Kathie had wanted very much to supply the other three.
  • Nor could he have done so even if he had wanted to.
  • It had been twelve years since any one had wanted him.
  • But once in his arms, she had wanted to stay.
  • He had wanted to whistle for the last half-hour.
  • It was too late to avoid him now, if she had wanted to.
  • I had wanted to be talked about, to be a social success.
  • He had wanted her, even at the price of marriage.
  • And he had wanted Amy with him.
  • She had wanted quicker, busier, more individual life.
  • But if Tommy had wanted it she would have been very glad.
  • She did not want him, never had wanted him, never could.
  • Still, he had wanted her, longed for her, hoped for her.
  • The fat watch I had wanted!
  • What the Austrian had wanted he had long since learned.
  • He, too, had wanted into space, and never made it.
  • No; but suppose I had wanted to!
  • Mr. Champneys had wanted a lady who was a church member.
  • I could have got him a week ago if I had wanted him.
  • He, too, had wanted to ask Hazelton this.
  • I had wanted to shirk, now I was forced back to attention.

How To Use Had Wanted In A Sentence?

  • This is not precisely what Master Sever had wanted.
  • One thing issued clearly: He had wanted to kiss the child.
  • If ever Neewa had wanted Miki he wanted him now.
  • He had wanted this.
  • She had wanted it!
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