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  • Involuntarily Hal shuddered.
  • Then Hal motioned them out the door.
  • Again Hal prodded him with his foot.
  • Suddenly Hal dashed into the house.
  • At this juncture Hal reached the combatants.
  • He rose to his feet and faced Hal threateningly.
  • Darkness shrouded the small tent when Hal opened his eyes.
  • Five minutes later Hal stopped suddenly in his tracks.
  • He felt perfectly safe now that Hal had the man covered.
  • He passed Hal and led the way down the dark passage.
  • The man did not reply, and Hal surveyed him critically.
  • The half hour up, Hal sent the airship lower and lower.
  • He lined up with Hal and Nikol and watched the struggle.
  • When the Cossack was ready, Hal peered out.
  • You knew him once, but under his stage name of Hal Pope.
  • Now Colonel Anderson and Hal fired simultaneously.
  • The dwarf's hold relaxed and Hal jumped away.
  • Presently Hal heard a huge rock move and then footsteps came toward him.
  • Taking his horse by the head, Hal led him in among the trees.
  • While the others mounted, Hal moved to the door to watch the men without.
  • Dr. Gordon Stables, R.N. Hal Hungerford.
  • Ten minutes later Hal again noticed that Ivan was lagging behind.
  • But even as he would have seized Nikol again, Hal stepped forward.
  • Out of revolver shot, Hal and Chester drew up their horses to take stock.
  • Also we'll take Hal and Colonel Anderson.
  • As they walked along Hal and Chester took stock of the Montenegrin.
  • Gently Hal lifted Colonel Edwards' head to his knee.
  • For answer Hal leaped lightly to the ground and Colonel Edwards followed suit.

How To Use Hal In A Sentence?

  • Suddenly Hal stopped almost in his tracks and his heart leaped into his throat.
  • The mountaineer had just finished with the last horse and Hal gave the word for all to mount.
  • Chester did as Hal suggested, and the party moved on again, but more slowly now.
  • Each stowed two sacks in his pocket and Hal carried the seventeenth package in his hand.
  • It was a great exhibition of strength, for Hal knew that the stranger must be a powerful man.
  • When they were out of sight, Hal led his horse to the road, as did the others, and all mounted.
  • But Hal stayed him with uplifted hand and Chester saw that his chum was laughing quietly.
  • The latter produced two revolvers and Hal one, for his other still lay beside the body of Nicolas.
  • Quickly Hal and Colonel Edwards checked their horses, wheeled about and hurried back to him.
  • Colonel Edwards and Colonel Anderson came next in line and Hal and Chester brought up the rear.
  • For some reason that he could not explain, Hal left his place of concealment and moved toward the combatants.
  • They retraced their footsteps; and even as they arrived, Hal arose from his position above the aeroplane.
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