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How To Use Hale In A Sentence?

  • Being hale of person, she had managed to get the little hunchback to her home unaided.
  • I made signs to them to draw near it with a rope, and then gave it them to hale on shore.
  • He is still hale and stout, and has a quiet air that becomes his age and calling.
  • He had spent his life on horseback, and looked as hale and strong as a young man.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hale | Hale Sentence

  • That which is hale is holy.
  • I let you pack with a hale carcase.
  • That single hale and fiery old lady held them.
  • W hale Job vii.
  • Dr. Hale smiled again.
  • Dr. Hale observed her inspection.
  • Dr. Hale shook his head with a smile.
  • Dr. Hale exhibited the house as if he owned it.
  • Somebody tells the poacher-court The hale affair.
  • Mr. Hale had taken one decisive step.
  • In the dimpling lines That wrinkle his hale repose.
  • Matthew Hale for years studied law sixteen hours a day.
  • Dr. Hale rose, towering to his feet.
  • Gallatin, after Hale in Trans.
  • We hale a bus in Trafalgar Square.
  • Camp told me to buy some shares in the Hale and Norcross.
  • And Dr. Hale must attend her unceasingly.
  • What Mr. Hale says is the living truth.
  • And then Dr. Hale had jarred the whole situation.
  • Of course Bob Hale "stood up" with me.
  • The Reverend Norman Hale has been looking for you.
  • It is thought highly improbable by Mr. Hale (1840).
  • I knew Dick; best man Hale ever had, bar none.
  • Yakones, Hale in U.S. Expl.
  • Lutuami, Hale in U.S. Expl.
  • Nancy Hale (A); 15Aug69; R467051.
  • Nancy Hale (A); 11Aug69; R467052.
  • Southern Killamuks, Hale in U.S. Expl.
  • From the car sprang a hale and vigorous man who advanced with hand extended.
  • Mr. Rawson and Sir Thomas Hale came yesterday from Boston.
  • Tahkali-Umkwa, Hale in U.S. Expl.
  • Por Lois Hale & Reuby S. Rhodes.
  • Those of us who survive are old, but some of us are still hale and hearty.
  • He was strongly made, but not stout, and was hale and active for his age.
  • It's sorrow for us all, for she's been hale and had her faculties.
  • Miss Hale raised her eyebrows in surprise as she handed in the examination.

Definition of Hale

(dated) Sound, entire, healthy; robust, not impaired. | To drag, pull, especially forcibly. | (archaic) Health, welfare.
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