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  • Benedictions on the hallowed holiday!
  • How still the morning of the hallowed day!
  • His secret altar touched with hallowed fire.
  • Above all countries, this is historic and hallowed land.
  • The hallowed isle of Lemnos.
  • This, the hallowed bride of Nile.
  • To those who know her, Marietta is a hallowed spot.
  • What did Miss Meechim know of that hallowed clime?
  • Our Father which art in heaven, hallowed be Thy name.
  • It seemed a strange question at such a hallowed time as this.
  • The custom has now become national and hallowed by immemorial usage.
  • It was old and vine-covered, and hallowed by a thousand memories.
  • The eyes, hallowed by disease, retained a singular steadiness.
  • Who touched Isaiah's hallowed lips with fire!
  • Our rites disturb by contact vile, Our hallowed offerings defile.
  • Who comes to seek this hallowed ground, And sleep within their sacred sound?
  • Fear God, and where you go, men shall think they walk in hallowed cathedrals.
  • CHORUS O hallowed Poesie, Heavenward still soareth she!
  • Nor o'er thy far horizon springs One hallowed star of fame.

How To Use Hallowed In A Sentence?

  • We drop a tear upon exactly the same spots, hallowed in ancient or modern history.
  • My sorrow has been that I know you are not in possession of those hallowed means of grace.
  • This glorious art became hallowed from the beginning by being harnessed for service to the Bible.
  • The Sabbath sun rose bright and beautiful, and shed its hallowed light upon field and forest.
  • For the horrible sees he not, As his hallowed glances yet Never gazed upon shadows.
  • That from the hallowed page, A lantern to our footsteps, Shines on from age to age.
  • Through the day numbers resorted to this hallowed spot, and at night vigils were held where the dead reposed.
  • Now, those warm lips ease departing sorrow like pressed flowers emptied from hallowed ground.
  • How pretty it all seemed as we turned to leave the place and saw everything dimly in the blue vapor that still sweetened and hallowed it!
  • At one moment it inspires the soul with sublime and hallowed awe, and at the next gives life to unbounded mirth.
  • Gilded breakers reeled upon a palm-fringed shore; and the whole was hallowed by the perpetual peace of an unbroken solitude.
  • His composition thus bore the burden and was hallowed by the sanctity of piety, the key to every human perfect thing.
  • Finally, author-borrowing has been hallowed by its practice, in their first essays, by all our greatest writers.
  • Close one to the world and all that is therein, and open the other to the hallowed beauty of the Beloved.
  • Oxford is indeed one of the finest located places in the kingdom, and every inch of ground about it seems hallowed by interesting associations.
  • She has since passed "over the river," having survived her mother for only a few months, and her memory is hallowed in my family circle.
  • And as a hallowed and precious gift, he poured out unto the Lord the water obtained at the price of such peril to his followers.
  • For the past was thus hallowed by Branwell, because in it lay his earliest affections, and his most poignant sorrows.
  • Small children were lifted high by their mothers that they might get a glimpse of the hallowed person of a member of the House of Orange.
  • Now I'll gird up my aged loins to war For hallowed custom against modern science!
  • Then summon the spirit's exalted powers, And devote to Heaven the hallowed hours.

Definition of Hallowed

Consecrated or sanctified; sacred, holy. | simple past tense and past participle of hallow
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