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  • These hallucinations are casual and unsought.
  • Are hallucinations real entities?
  • Giddy hallucinations took possession of her.
  • Besides, hallucinations do not pop.
  • I know seven cases in which such hallucinations occurred.
  • As a result of his hallucinations he was burdened with yawning next morning.
  • A number have hallucinations of sight, others of hearing.
  • Apparitions in sleep, in the hallucinations of fever, of insanity, etc.
  • The hallucinations which appear to her eyes in ink, or crystal, are: 1.
  • Popular Scepticism about the Existence of Hallucinations in the Sane.
  • Frequency of Waking Hallucinations among Mr. Gallon's friends.

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  • The suspicions expressed in this letter are the hallucinations and alarms of moping lunacy.
  • Now and then I had acute hallucinations of a woman with an arrow of gold in her hair.
  • The imagination rarely gives rise to hallucinations of the senses of touch, taste, or smell alone.
  • The midnight hallucinations of De Quincey seemed to be repeating themselves in a whole nation.
  • Then came a time when the hallucinations of Doña Rita and the faithful Rose left him altogether.
  • Examples of the influence of powerful and protracted emotions in inducing hallucinations are numerous.
  • But between these and the dreams of sleep there is a kind of waking hallucinations which some people can purposely evoke.
  • How will it be at the first critical meeting of two kinds of things that will look like hallucinations to each other?
  • Ghosts are only seen as spiritual lights, which so commonly attend hallucinations among the civilised.
  • With the utterly wrecked in mind, the reality of hallucinations becomes a permanent or habitual state.
  • The number of hallucinations representing living or dying recognised persons in the answers received, was 352.
  • Nor is there any desire to shirk the fact that many 'presentiments' and hallucinations of the sane coincide with no ascertainable fact.
  • Just then Altamont and the others came up, and their appearance seemed to dispel the hallucinations under which he was labouring.
  • One of the most familiar symptoms of morphia mania is a tendency to erotic hallucinations of the precise kind that Branwell suffered from.
  • Acoustical hallucinations began; he heard voices from every corner of the room, and on the street the voices took persecutory character.
  • Yet there had never been a case in which the sensations really had the vividness of hallucinations and never a case in which the after effects had not disappeared at least in a few weeks.
  • We may now proceed to the waking hallucinations of sane and healthy people, which Mr. Galton declares to be so far from uncommon.
  • The results being compared, it was decided that the hallucinations collected coincided with death 440 more often than ought to be the case by the law of probabilities.
  • I found that there had never been any hallucinations and that she used the word in her letter only to indicate some insistent memory images which had never taken the vividness of real impressions.
  • In some instances the hallucinations have been "counterfeit presentments" of the ideas which have been most prominent in the mind; in others they have had no relation to that condition.
  • By a careful consideration of the illusions and hallucinations to which we are liable, we obtain a clue to unravel the wild fantasies which constitute the greater part of the most prominent superstitions.
  • The hallucinations of which we hear most are those in which a person sees the phantom of another person, who, unknown to him, is in or near the hour of death.
  • He thought again that he must have been the dupe of one of those hallucinations that sometimes visit men in the night; and, with a smile, he applied himself again to his labours.
  • There were no delusions, no emotional disturbance, no hallucinations or illusions, and the will was normally exercised to the extent necessary to secure the objects of their lives.
  • When the dead are alleged to exercise a similar power, we have to suppose that some consciousness survives the grave, and manifests itself by causing hallucinations among the living.
  • In the meantime I have endeavored to show the causes responsible for the birth and historical development of religious hallucinations in the human conscience.
  • Among savage methods of provoking hallucinations whence knowledge may be supernormally obtained, various forms of 'crystal-gazing' are the most curious.
  • These hallucinations are generally very vivid, and may arise either voluntarily or involuntarily, and may become habitual without the health being seriously disturbed.
  • Thus far our illustrations and remarks have been confined to that class of hallucinations which are induced principally by the action of the imagination, mental emotion, or excessive exertion of the reasoning powers.

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plural of hallucination
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