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Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hand That | Hand That Sentence

  • To whom did you hand that report?
  • Morally his was the hand that had killed her.
  • It was her hand that stopped him.
  • Whose was the hand that wrought?
  • Except from the hand that inflicted the wound.
  • She licks the hand that strikes her.
  • This hand that holds the lyre.
  • I had no weapon in my hand that night.
  • He kissed the hand that he held.
  • Give me your hand, that you will do it.
  • Was this a friendly hand that knocked?
  • The hand that held the gun had not a tremor.
  • He caught at the hand that swung by her side.
  • The same hand that was nailed to the cross is holding you.
  • You have a hand that refuses not its aid to the unhappy.
  • It is a weapon which cuts the hand that wields it.
  • You walked right into his hand that night.
  • Peter took her hand that picked at the blanket.
  • The day of judgment is at hand that will reverse all that!
  • There is no sign of trembling in the hand that wrote it.
  • Could it be a hand that her touch had slid across?
  • The hand that held his cigar trembled.
  • Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!
  • I have learned at first hand that you are not a fool.
  • He stroked the soft hand that clung to his.
  • He presses the hand that rests on his arm.
  • The little hand that held his tightened.
  • God bless the hand that strewed them there this day!
  • Her eyes were upon the hand that held her.
  • But they need to feel the hand that now has the helm.
  • The hand that held the revolver never wavered.
  • He had disclosed his hand, that raven.
  • The hand that lay beneath his own twitched as if agitated.
  • He lifted the piece of paper in a hand that trembled.
  • She lifted the hand that was resting quietly on his knee.

How To Use Hand That In A Sentence?

  • He must kiss the hand that saved him before he slept.
  • My hand that held the tool was cold and wet.
  • This method gives a hand that is beyond criticism.
  • The hand that held the bread grew rigid.
  • I touched the hand that swung by the side of the pallet.

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