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  • Hands and handkerchiefs were waving in all directions.
  • Women waved their handkerchiefs and wept.
  • There was a flutter of handkerchiefs in response.
  • The whole length of the river handkerchiefs were waved from the banks.
  • On a string across the window handkerchiefs and stockings were hung to dry.
  • They waved their handkerchiefs at Larry and he waved his own in return.

How To Use Handkerchiefs In A Sentence?

  • Coarse straw hats and bright cotton handkerchiefs protected their heads from the sun.
  • Winkle and Twinkle took out their little handkerchiefs and waved them fast and hard.
  • Meanwhile, my little nieces and I were forcing our handkerchiefs in our mouths.
  • A thousand handkerchiefs fluttered as silent salute to France, a thousand heads were bared to her.
  • This morning I went shopping, bought a lot of handkerchiefs and some Serbian pots.
  • Nobody has ever troubled to give me handkerchiefs before with pretty flowers worked in the corners.
  • They did not even resent the cologne-drenched handkerchiefs the visitors invariably held to their noses.
  • They cheered themselves nearly hoarse, and waved their handkerchiefs in the exuberance of their joy.
  • Some looked on with handkerchiefs pressed to their mouths to check the screams which might have disconcerted the combatants.
  • They thought that diseases had been cured by the aprons and handkerchiefs of the apostles, by the bones of the dead.
  • Arrangements were made to bind handkerchiefs over their faces to the eyes, so they would be partly disguised.
  • Many of the bystanders rushed forward and steeped their handkerchiefs in his blood, as a mark of their affection.
  • Joe wore himself out waving handkerchiefs of every color and shape to them; but his exertions were all to no purpose.
  • Among these laborers were several stalwart negro women with blazing red handkerchiefs tied around their heads.
  • The doctor said my red silk handkerchiefs were the first red stuff of any kind he had been able to get hold of.
  • The regiments marched through the streets and aboard the boats, and pushed off before a levee of waving handkerchiefs and nags.
  • Their hair hung down in long plaits, and they wore red handkerchiefs knotted at the back of the head.
  • In summer their heads were covered with blue handkerchiefs worn turbanlike as a protection from mosquitoes as well as from the rays of the sun.
  • As they came near enough to be well seen and heard the children stood up in the boat and cheered and waved their handkerchiefs to their friends.
  • The steamer moved off, handkerchiefs were shaken as long as she remained in sight from the quay, and even after.
  • One by one the socially backward and inept caught the fever and began to search their war-bags for silk handkerchiefs and clean shirts.
  • The ladies, both on the pier and in the ship, performed their part in this ceremony by waving their handkerchiefs and clapping their hands.
  • Now if I put a drop on each of your pocket handkerchiefs it will scent all your clothes for a twelve-month.
  • The women never wear hats, only coloured handkerchiefs over their heads, and if in mourning the handkerchiefs are black.
  • Why do people always cough in the theatre after a severe storm of thunder and lightning, and hold their handkerchiefs to their noses at such times?
  • Anybody in their senses would rather have half a dozen nice handkerchiefs than a set of Shakespeare.
  • We did this, and as the gas got closer, the handkerchiefs served as a sort of temporary respirator and saved many of us from a frightful death.
  • And sure enough, when we waved our handkerchiefs we discovered the members of my official family, who had come in the legation launch to meet us.
  • Her maid is worn to a shadow by the perpetual search for handkerchiefs and eau de Cologne, with which to bathe the aching forehead of her mistress.
  • So he took both handkerchiefs and wound them very neatly around Pinkie Whiskers' toe and foot.
  • The Lord wrought special miracles by Paul, so that the sick were healed when handkerchiefs or aprons were borne from him to them.
  • There I meekly made my toilet, took my first course of breakfast, rinsed out my handkerchiefs and stockings, and went my way.
  • The gravity of the sermon did not harmonize with the gayety of his head, and the people sat all through it with handkerchiefs stuffed in their mouths to try to keep down their joy.
  • In winter, Caucasian peasants weave silk handkerchiefs at a wage that would mean starvation to the silk-weavers of Lyons.

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plural of handkerchief
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