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  • Turning a handle on the outside of the camera operates it.
  • But tied to the iron handle on one end was a key.
  • Then they put a handle on the grooved stone and fastened it with rawhide.
  • The box is pretty heavy, and there is a handle on top to carry it by.
  • Look, there's no handle on this side, merely a key-hole. .
  • This was worked by a rotatory handle on the side of the gun.

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  • Two heads, but not on a pedestal; a handle on the back in the form of a fox or dog.
  • Same form, with handle on which is seated some animal, apparently a dog, no lip.
  • If hung through the handle on the stick they are apt to boil over and put out the fire before you know it.
  • Basin-shaped, with a handle on one side and a lip on the other; simple marginal and basal band with oblique lines.
  • She was stunned by my cold-blooded catalog of her body just long enough for me to make a quick lunge across her lap to the door handle on her side.
  • She heard the quick, firm tread upon the steps, the imperative rat-tat-tat of the whip-handle on the door.
  • Then, as she crouched there and snarled at me, I played a tattoo with my whip-handle on the floor just in front of her.
  • He saw his son turn and walk to the door, and turn again with his handle on the knob, and Hilary did not move.
  • Perhaps they have been saved because the little, shallow, graceful dishes, with flat pierced handle on one side, are really so pretty.
  • They are generally of medium size or small, and some which appear to be used as cooking vessels have a handle on the side and resemble pitchers and cups.
  • In order to be sure of the muscles that would be brought into play by the feat, I procured an oblong box with a handle on either side running the whole length.
  • If the handle is held loosely, and the saw is at the proper angle, the weight of the saw, together with the placement of the handle on the saw blade, will be found sufficient to make the requisite cut at each stroke.
  • Here you are, wearin' a pearl handle on your gun, just like a cheap Nebraska sheepherder with social ambitions.
  • In front was a fare-box with sliding shelves down which the nickels rattled, or, if one's memory lagged, the thin driver rapped his whip-handle on the glass.
  • I don't think lager beer iz intoxikating, but if i remember right, i think it tastes to me like a glass with a handle on one side ov it, full ov soap suds that a pickle had bin put tew soak in.
  • And Buggins, whose place it was to shopwalk while Carshot served, shopwalked with quite unparalleled dignity, dangling a new season's sunshade with a crooked handle on one finger.
  • So he went and hunted up a file to sharpen the saw, but found that before he could use the file he needed to put a proper handle on it, and to make a handle he went to look for a sapling in the bush, but to cut the sapling he found that he needed to sharpen up the axe.
  • I've used a pick-handle on occasion and a gun when I've had to, but speaking generally it seems to me to demean a white man to use weapons in a row like that, and I find that most fellows who have walked the earth much agree with me.
  • It had been his companion for twelve years, always standing on the same spot, always lending its handle to him in the early morning, so that its form had an expression for him of willing helpfulness, and the impress of its handle on his palm gave a satisfaction mingled with that of having the fresh clear water.
  • The handle on the end of the Trunk has evidently been retouched--I think, with a piece of chalk--but one can still see the inspiration of the Old Master in the tranquil, almost too tranquil, hang of it.
  • By cutting in such resistance--by the simple expedient of turning the rheostat handle on the switchboard,--the field coils are so weakened that the voltage is kept at the desired point in spite of the excessive speed of the machine.
  • And every movement--every gracious wonder-curve and step with which she told her tale was as purely Greek as the handle on King's knife and the figures on the lamp-bowls and as the bracelets on her arm.
  • And in front of these varied scenes stood a battery of queer cameras--moving picture cameras, looking like flat fig boxes with a tube sticking out, and a handle on one side, at which earnest-faced young men were vigorously clicking.
  • 1746, (41386); each with a handle on one side; they resemble pitchers or cups.
  • And it is probably derived from the Irish "Maeddher," a standing cup, generally of _wood_, of a quadrangular form, with a handle on each of the sides.
  • "Gracious me," cried a brass manufacturer, "there's no handle on the door," and he put one on.
  • "I'll take that feller by the handle on his face and bust him ag'in' a tree like a gourd," Taterleg said, not in boasting manner, but in the even and untroubled way of a man stating a fact.
  • (He stoops to fit the handle on the apparatus by which the chair is raised and lowered.)
  • 'Why, the villagers were having a silver handle made here for a wretched-looking old umbrella, which they keep in their church, and the stupid things were afraid to send the umbrella here for fear any one should steal it, though it was not worth twopence; so I was obliged to go there in order to fasten the handle on.'
  • "Yer bloated parasites, yer!" cried a young fellow, catching at the door-handle on Lord Fontenoy's side; "we'll make a d----d end
  • "That's bad grammar, sir," he said, resting the knife-handle on one of the lines; "and here's an ill-spelled word; and there's another; and you have not at all attended to the punctuation; but the general sense of the piece is good,--very good, indeed, sir."
  • them unperceived--Dudley, thin and tall, clothed in sad-coloured, brown-grey coat and vest, the locks of his long, pale hair stirred by the summer wind, in his hand a bundle of papers--Dudley, whose high, narrow head, refined features, and deep-set, fanatical eyes reminded Laurence strangely of his uncle, Montagu Rivers, lying upstairs in the carven, ebony bed, with the crystal _memento mori_ and the silver bell of the elegantly poised Mercury handle on the table beside him.--
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