Hang Together In A Sentence

Definition of Hang Together

(idiomatic) To be connected. | (idiomatic) To correspond or fit well. | (idiomatic, of two people) To be in a romantic relationship.

How To Use Hang Together In A Sentence?

  • As long as the parts hang together and the wheels go round, that will be considered sufficient.
  • To make it hang together it has been necessary to introduce the theory of a sleeping-draught or of some poison!
  • Perhaps there are some points of my interpretation that you do not agree with, but as a whole the story does hang together rather well.
  • How can society hang together long in a country where the Corinthian capital takes so much pains to unrift itself from the pillar?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hang Together | Hang Together Sentence

  • Because they hang together like swarming bees.
  • Women don't hang together like that.
  • A boat won't hang together long out there.
  • It's funny how things hang together like that.
  • His story didn't hang together and Van Britt fired him.

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