Hanged In A Sentence

Definition of Hanged

(archaic and law) simple past tense and past participle of hang

How To Use Hanged In A Sentence?

  • These four persons were hanged and burnt, after being put to the question.
  • She hanged herself in strips of linen torn from her sheets and underclothing and twisted together.
  • It were better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea.
  • These two women were hanged and burnt, after being previously put to the question.
  • She had recently put some money in his mining scheme, and she could have hanged him.
  • The first cut his throat, the second hanged himself, and the third blew out his brains.
  • The council sat, and determined that five of the men should be hanged on the following Tuesday.
  • I'm hanged if the Demon didn't invent a sort of drill, which they go through with a stop-watch.
  • He had only been frightened as long as he was uncertain whether or not he would be instantly hanged if he were found out.
  • With two of his companions he was to be hanged on the gallows, and then their corpses were to be burned.
  • Well, some are born to be hanged, and some are not; and many of those who are not hanged are much worse than those who are.
  • He was a blood-stained scoundrel of the deepest dye, and ought to have been hanged and quartered half a dozen times.
  • One need not waste any sympathy on those who were hanged for stealing to satisfy hunger; death is more merciful than life to men in such a case.
  • After which he was hanged on a gallows eighty feet high, and was then beheaded, drawn, and quartered.
  • All three women, after being found guilty, confessed under torture, and were then hanged and burnt.
  • Private interviews had always been held at obscure cottages, whose owners she knew would be hanged ere they betrayed her.
  • But the magistrates and the people got tired of him at last, and his imposture being discovered, he was hanged in Scotland.
  • As well as could be guessed, the mother had hanged the girls and then herself, in order not to fall into the power of the Castilians.
  • He is pitching good ball, but I'm hanged if I can understand why they do not hit him.
  • I have no doubt that numbers of people have hanged themselves on the same tree in just the same way as countless people have committed suicide by jumping over certain bridges.
  • The sheepish looks and bungling compliments of the squireens could not hide from her that this was the fabric from which the yeomanry were cut who hanged the people and burnt their cottages.
  • Thus, the elder tree is said to have borne as good berries as the vine does till Judas Iscariot hanged himself from its branches.
  • For this he was committed to the Tower, tried at Westminster and hanged with four of his men at Salisbury.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hanged | Hanged Sentence

  • And that be hanged for a silly yarn.
  • We hanged our harps on the willows.
  • Barrow hanged at Tyburn, 148.
  • Heard of Gilderoy, that was hanged for forgery?
  • She was hanged July 21st, 1626.
  • He was condemned at one o'clock and hanged at four.
  • And now thou weenest that the sight of these hanged knights should fear me.
  • These three women were hanged and burnt, after being put to the question.
  • Give it 'em hot, an be hanged to ther feelins!
  • I'll be hanged if I understand a single word.
  • I'll be hanged if I haven't been one of the bravest of the brave.
  • I'll be hanged if I hadn't rather lose any six of the others than to lose you.
  • Orr will be hanged at dawn unless Lord Camden signs his respite.
  • No, I'm hanged if I let you go now.
  • Exactly like your father--he almost hanged me, too.
  • He should be hanged on a sailyard--your Dan!
  • I'll be hanged if I come in," he said.

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