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  • Which proves that he knew where you were hanging out.
  • Their eyes were glistening and their tongues hanging out.
  • He has been hanging out there, painting the iron.
  • You should see her hanging out the clothes on a windy day.
  • Off like a shot, hanging out of his chair.
  • Their tongues are hanging out, they are hungry to-night.
  • Now he prefers hanging out on the Riviera.
  • This they generally do by hanging out the appropriate talisman.
  • Neewa's red tongue was hanging out in his exhaustion.
  • The tongues of the pursuers were hanging out; the baying of them was horrible.
  • Hilliard began to get black in the face; his tongue was hanging out.
  • Leslie remained half hanging out of the window, in an agony of suspense.
  • A panting dog, tongue hanging out, trotted beside the wagon.
  • I saw the dog coming toward me, tearing, with its tongue hanging out.
  • Look up, Annie, at that canary-bird hanging out of the window in his cage.
  • Look up, Annie, at that canary-bird, hanging out of the window in his cage.
  • You've got to quit hanging out at the Lazy A.

How To Use Hanging Out In A Sentence?

  • Last night the wind blew the sledge to which our thermometer was hanging out over the slope.
  • With his entrails hanging out and his agonised eyes mutely protesting, the pony staggered and fell.
  • Some of the dresser drawers were half open, and pieces of tissue paper and ribbons were hanging out.
  • The dresser drawers are some of them half open, and old pieces of tissue-paper and ribbons are hanging out.
  • Put the rennet into it, leaving the string hanging out over the side, that you may know where to find it.
  • You can get a hundred truck drivers by hanging out a sign: good draught horses are to be had only for a price.
  • It was a sight for the gods to see the military officers presiding at their washtubs on deck, and then hanging out their washing.
  • This long string and many other shorter ones were left hanging out for a week before both ends were wattled into the sides of the nest.
  • People have white wooden shutters outside their windows, and when anybody dies they keep a black ribbon hanging out on them.
  • The dogs, with their tongues hanging out, lying on their sides, were gaping before the thresholds of the doors.
  • The hotel was in the middle of the main street, a square frame building with a veranda in front and its laundry hanging out behind.
  • Nino watched the whole operation with bloodshot eyes, his tongue hanging out and quivering rhythmically as he panted in the heat to cool himself.
  • He advanced toward him, and was going to awaken, him, when he perceived a letter hanging out of his pocket.
  • He moons around the house, with his head in the clouds, and sits up half the night hanging out of his window.
  • And he marched out of the front door, and down the street to his favorite hanging-out place, the corner pool-room.
  • It is quite plentiful, and clambers over and under shrubs, hanging out its occasional clusters of rather large pale flowers.
  • After running the water out of the patient, place him on his side with his body slightly hanging down, and keep the tongue hanging out.
  • She had just discovered the watch-chain, the end of which was hanging out of Fortunato's jacket.
  • A woman had been hanging out clothes to dry, and she turned to go in, without seeing the striding figure patrolling the enclosure.
  • We went into the courtyard; a fat peasant woman was hanging out clothes on a line stretched from the house to the fence....
  • I found Raffles hanging out of the starry square which was the bedroom window, for the room was still in darkness.
  • It lay down panting, its tongue hanging out and its ears pressed back against its head, and whisked its big tail from side to side.
  • Near the lower verge, a rude sort of barn, or rather haystack roofed over, and with hay protruding and hanging out.
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