Hanker In A Sentence

Definition of Hanker

To crave, want or desire.

How To Use Hanker In A Sentence?

  • With the others it is an affair of your money and your fire-arms, they hanker after them.
  • I can make a living for myself and my small family, and we do not hanker after riches.
  • She gets jealous lest he should still hanker after his early love, and she taunts him with it.
  • Too mutch kissing is like molassis kandy, it spiles the hanker for plain vittles.
  • They are froliksom cusses, but I never did hanker for sitch kind of refreshments.
  • Men did not hanker for the companionship of a man who left port with a wife and came home with a ghost.
  • But we have never any time to see about it, and are grown so used to the shanty that we do not seem to hanker after anything more commodious.
  • They enlisted for short terms of service, and even before their term was completed, they began to hanker to go home.
  • He'd better bend his own back at that work, and then it's not mint he'll hanker after, no fear!
  • If the populace are at heart pagan, and hanker after sensuous ritual, dramatic magic, and a rich mythology, these must be provided.
  • I kind of hanker for any scrap of really domestic fact about you all that I may be able to extract from Frederick if he comes.
  • In public we scoff at titles and hereditary privilege, but privately we hanker after them, and when we get a chance we buy them for cash and a daughter.
  • This enables the aujience, if they hav had enuff, tew be satisfied with what they hav had, and if they want enny more, it enables them to hanker for it.
  • I hankered then to confer a few personally conducted slaps of my own make and manufacture on your coppery jowls, but for some reason or other I passed the hanker up on that occasion.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hanker | Hanker Sentence

  • We do not hanker after your brush system.
  • I am sentimental and hanker after the good old days.
  • He could hanker for his fireside like another!
  • However, I do not hanker after dog-meat.
  • Apparently she did not hanker much after her faithless husband.
  • They tell me yuh kinder hanker after photygrafts of yerselves.
  • We begin to hanker for a repetition of these sensuous dope-dreams....
  • Personally, I don't hanker after a runt of a hoss.
  • The people hanker fur pure agrikultural hoss-trots. OATS.
  • And that's all the more reason why I should hanker after Wallandoon.
  • Ah never did hanker fo' to get far away from trees, but yo' don't mind.

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