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  • Hanover veel toegepast.
  • Hanover rats, 202, 203.
  • A dispatch from Hanover.
  • She has been at school with them before in Hanover.
  • Prussia seizes Hanover.
  • He was in Hanover street.
  • Handel went then to Hanover.
  • He started for his beloved Hanover.
  • The royal family of Hanover was detested.
  • Sophia of Hanover, 190.
  • The Hanover people began to murmur.
  • The march was then resumed in the direction of Hanover.
  • The inheritors of Hanover seemed decidedly ousted.
  • Sophie of Hanover never made a pecuniary mistake.
  • For the kingdom of Hanover; maintained.
  • Princes-street, Hanover-square.
  • Handel made only a short stay at Hanover in 1710.
  • Hanover occupied by Marshal Mortier.
  • The crowns of England and of Hanover lay above him.
  • It was also called New Hanover.
  • One has been found in Luxemburg and one in Hanover.
  • Frederick Schlegel was born at Hanover in 1772.
  • In Hanover, in 1845, there were 70 estates in operation.
  • The black cockade that of the House of Hanover.
  • His soldiers occupy Electorate of Hanover.
  • The Opera did not enjoy a long life at Hanover.
  • Go where he may, "a Hanover rat" pops up before him.
  • The French style reigned in the orchestra at Hanover.
  • Sophia, Electress of Hanover, 175.
  • But Sophie of Hanover gained her point, as she did always.
  • In connection with Sweden, she seizes upon Hanover.
  • Richmond, Hanover, and Middleburg are rising towns.
  • Sophie, Electress of Hanover, was thoroughly English.
  • The Earl and the Countess of Hanover Square.
  • William Herschel was born at Hanover, November 15, 1738.

How To Use Hanover In A Sentence?

  • Hanover.
  • Hanover, 381.
  • S Hanover, Washington County, Kansas.
  • Hanover, Bilshausen, Germany, Nov. 13, 1851.
  • S Hanover.
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