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  • It was a haphazard shot.
  • It resembles it only in its dusty and haphazard setting.
  • They are sprinkled about in a rather haphazard fashion.
  • This haphazard guess was absolutely correct.
  • That the imitation was not haphazard or indiscriminate is obvious.
  • Because it's no haphazard mixture of water and sand.
  • I have generally found even more haphazard than Ledoyen's.
  • It isn't a haphazard series of deceits, of that I am at this moment convinced.

How To Use Haphazard In A Sentence?

  • He had made his selection at haphazard and he knew that there was no turning back.
  • For her irregular birth he had contempt and for her haphazard upbringing only pity.
  • Anybody who tries to go through here in any haphazard fashion will surely come to grief.
  • What a snare they were getting themselves into, and only by an impish destiny of haphazard speech.
  • He had spoken words almost at haphazard which had changed the whole current of her thoughts.
  • Bad indexers are usually much too haphazard in their work to insert cross references.
  • Barchon could only reply haphazard to heavy guns the position of which it could not tell.
  • These ribbons matched the rosettes presented in an equally haphazard way to every man.
  • Going on in this discursory haphazard way while he dressed, he made me feel much at home.
  • If you shoot haphazard you may cripple an elk and let it get away to die in misery.
  • Yet the battle was not arrayed in haphazard fashion, but rather with some show of military skill.
  • It is precisely the same with a haphazard pursuit of any branch of art, science, or literature.
  • These forces are plastic, complex and organized, rather than haphazard and suppressed.
  • The fairy builders, says tradition, went about their work in no haphazard manner.
  • It would never do to raise another baby in the haphazard fashion Jackie had been raised.
  • The psychasthenic may pick up such impulses from any model for imitation or from any haphazard report.
  • The haphazard pains of the personality disappear and are suppressed by the joy and glory of the whole.
  • The training of inhibition stood in the foreground and every haphazard reaction was severely rebuked.
  • The course of any particular thread or fiber is as irregular and haphazard as if it were the work of the wind or the waves.
  • We're spreading our race out over tens of hundreds of new worlds in the most haphazard fashion.
  • And instead of the old haphazard methods of production it has made the building of an airplane an exact science.
  • Beyond this point we are not in a position to put forward any definite supposition as to the apparently haphazard occurrence of the phenomenon.
  • I chose some bodies and heads in a haphazard fashion, while the remainder were thrown into a common grave.
  • Of course, rational democracy is better as an expression of the public will than the haphazard hereditary method.
  • He it was who stopped haphazard digging, and cleared each quarter completely before beginning work upon another.
  • Reflection displaces the casual, haphazard attitude, in the attempt to get at the real nature of the world.
  • Especially in England a haphazard particularity is the chief vitiating element in the operations of the mind.
  • She led him by a beautiful blue satin ribbon, and he blundered along in a haphazard sort of way that was exceedingly curious.
  • Each player must draw the picture of some object, using in its composition, the original haphazard line.
  • In the first place, they could not afford to remain the only free market of the world, subject to exploitation and haphazard development.
  • He was unarmed, or, at any rate, his implement was a haphazard choice, selected on the spur of the moment.
  • I made some haphazard answer, but it seemed appropriate, for Alice smiled upon us as we shook hands heartily.

Definition of Haphazard

Random; chaotic; incomplete; not thorough, constant, or consistent.
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