Happening Now In A Sentence

How To Use Happening Now In A Sentence?

  • There is no doubt whatever that, just as what is happening now is the result of causes set in motion in the past, so what will happen in the future will be the result of causes already in operation.
  • You may not agree with me that what happened at that time is happening now; but I tell you as one who has stood on the line, that we are not only holding it for ourselves, but for you.
  • He had no knowledge of what was happening now, for he could not see; and then, with a heart-breaking wrench, he felt himself hurled from the saddle and sent tumbling heels over head.
  • One of the effects of this colossal convulsion is that all connection with everything of every kind that has gone before seems to have broken short off in a night, and nothing ever to have happened of the least consequence or relevance, beside what is happening now.
  • But as to the earthquakes which have happened or are happening now, it is not reasonable that you should mention them, you who lose heart when they take place, comparing your conduct with theirs, who have more confidence than you towards God.
  • So that of the event-particles which the earth-man thinks of as happening now in the present, the man on Mars thinks that some are already past and are ancient history, that others are in the future, and others are in the immediate present.
  • What is happening now is that farmers are buying up the big estates in pieces, and Norman piles or Elizabethan manors are beginning to be too expensive to maintain, what with coal and the rise in the minimum wage of vassals and one thing and another.
  • It is happening now, and we had three pounds two and sevenpence last time I counted the bazaar.'
  • It is happening now, after disillusion, to some radicals and mathematicians like Mr. Bertrand Russell, and to others of us who, perhaps without being mathematicians or even radicals, feel that the sphere of what happens to exist is too alien and accidental to absorb all the play of a free mind, whose function, after it has come to clearness and made its peace with things, is to touch them with its own moral and intellectual light, and to exist for its own sake.
  • "What is happening now?" demanded Lieutenant Noll Terry, half-rising from his chair.
  • What they were going to do this morning was to see old Jackson together, and get from him exactly what had happened at first, and what was happening now. CHAPTER
  • What happens to most young wives in the course of life was happening now to Sofya Nikolayevna: she found in her husband a certain inferiority, certain limitations of feeling and perception; and though her love for him was none the less passionate on that account, she was beginning to feel vaguely dissatisfied with his love for her, because he found room in his heart for other things
  • " It is much more conceivable that the "mental attitude" referred to was merely the vague feeling that "Something is happening now," "This keeps me busy," or "What a nuisance this thing is."

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Happening Now | Happening Now Sentence

  • What is happening now?
  • The same thing was happening now.
  • Recall what was happening now out on the Pacific!
  • What's happening now?
  • But what was happening now wasn't justice.
  • So most of their fun took place after dark, as was happening now.
  • It may be happening now!"
  • "I suppose I am, for I can't bear the idea of anything happening now.
  • "Oh, my poor Jack!--Go, Joyce, and ask what is happening, now!

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