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  • Revolutionary crews in Russian submarines gave illustrations of what happens if democracy is carried to its limits.
  • The entire spine is supported, and no undue pressure is made upon the chest or abdomen, as often happens if the baby is grasped around the body or under the arms.
  • It sometimes happens, if the "liners" of the bearings are eccentrically worn, that a few drops of dirty oil or a particle of grease are squirted out to some distance.
  • If the sharp edges of the broken bone pierce through the skin, which often happens if splints are not well applied and the person moves, the broken bone again pierces the skin.
  • I have always told you that, although to such a concern the amount of your indebtedness is or should be nothing, still you are a link in a chain, and you know what happens if even one link gives way.
  • Because if we confessed now most anybody would think our reason for changing names must have been something disgraceful, just as it happens if a person who kills another by accident goes and hides the corpse, everybody takes it for granted it was murder.
  • And this happens, if when they do wrong it occurs to thee that they are kinsmen, and that they do wrong through ignorance and unintentionally, and that soon both of you will die; and above all, that the wrong-doer has done thee no harm, for he has not made thy ruling faculty worse than it was before.
  • There's always that danger, you know, when a locum is young and happens--if I may say so, Jervis--to be a good-looking fellow.
  • And the same thing happens if we ascend the social scale; the L150 income tax paid by a British landlord of L3000 a year is not felt by him to be such a charge as the L50 paid by an Irish landlord of L1000 a year; the same principle would extend to the profits of trade were there small sums in Ireland and large sums in Great Britain.
  • "If anything happens, if Major Norton complains, if that shameless creature succeeds in making that foolish young man run away with her, you will be blamed.
  • "What happens if I get tired of walking?" "I can direct you to Mr. Third's office, if you won't mind.
  • If anything happens--if Skeel tries to slip away--if you miss him--I would be very grateful if you and your friends notify the head chauffeur, Menard."
  • "What happens if I don't dial the slot destination?" "We bring you in on emergency--and you fork over a thousand buck fine."

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  • What happens if the body cannot get oxygen?
  • Now, what happens if you turn loose a newspaper scare?
  • And it also happens, if that old lady, Mrs. G. 0.
  • And before that happens, if I know old Rhoda, we'll find them.
  • or what happens if you never go to sleep?
  • I don't care what else happens if that only does!"
  • "And what happens, if the star falls?" asked Diana.
  • "What happens if you ask them to tickle you more?" she asked.
  • "And what happens if I do not please them, Husband?
  • "Much always happens, if you keep your eyes open," said Sophy.
  • "What happens if one doesn't leave when requested?"
  • 'What happens if I get a bit wide of the truth then, father?'
  • "I don't mind what happens if we can only come up with Jack.
  • "And what happens if their meat _and_ their poison are our poison?"
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