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  • May all happiness attend you.
  • Can it add to the holiness or happiness of the universe?
  • If ever a man deserved happiness it is he.
  • You no doubt think my happiness complete.
  • It was the best chance of happiness she would ever have.
  • She could do nothing while her happiness hung on a thread.
  • Perhaps, the other happiness might yet be hers.
  • All her life she had been arranging some happiness that was not hers.
  • She babbled of her baby and her happiness at seeing it soon.
  • The struggle of my mind preyed upon my happiness and my health.
  • After all, was not tranquil happiness the best that life had to offer?
  • How much of the happiness or unhappiness of life depended upon chance!
  • This happiness was like most others, destined to be a brief one.
  • He had brought not only peace, but youth and happiness back to her eyes.
  • Now, don't go and throw away happiness for a priest's figment.

How To Use Happiness In A Sentence?

  • He was convinced that nothing could more conduce to the safety and happiness of both.
  • Of how much pleasure and happiness this abominable system of seclusion deprives these people.
  • She learned also what happiness comes from knowledge of others and knowledge of how to help them.
  • There was a happy smile on the lips, and a gleam of happiness from under the half-closed eyes.
  • And so it was settled, much to the satisfaction of Frank and the happiness of Jacob.
  • He was in love; but it was with Lois Huntington, and happiness might yet be his.
  • At its best the happiness attained in this way is what Ostwald calls Huettengluck (hut-happiness).
  • Wishing to please you, I had near destroy'd My daughter's peace and happiness forever.
  • There was an expression of such softness and such sweetness in her face that a kind of anticipatory happiness fell on him.
  • Now it was so vivid that it brought with it a sensation of fear, as if happiness itself were escaping his pursuit.
  • It is a mistake to suppose that the happiness of others is always a distasteful sight to the sad at heart.
  • Order and devotion were the very essence of our socialism, and a splendid collective vigour and happiness its end.
  • If there ever beamed content and happiness from human face we saw it in that of this peasant beauty, who had no conception of our commiseration.
  • A jewel and legacy worthy of such a donor, a jewel so precious that without it there can be no happiness either in earth or heaven.
  • She sends her favourite maiden on a quest which is fraught with much danger; on the accomplishment of that mission thy happiness depends.
  • Her voice fell, and he heard her sigh, and in his happiness it seemed to him to be a pity that he should find unhappiness in others.
  • But they had a sort of instinctive dread of social discussion as of something that might breach the happiness of their ignorance....
  • I had no thought of amusing myself, no thought of seeking here the happiness which up till now I seem to have missed.
  • I recall many hours at my desk in that room before the crisis came, hours full of the peculiar happiness of effective strenuous work.
  • I found myself rather in the way; for to Clara it seemed quite natural to scatter happiness with her very looks.
  • Now at last, in a golden middle age, she told herself that she would build her happiness not on perfection, but on the second best of experience.
  • And as time went by great was the happiness of Ulric, for now he had another friend, a youth like unto himself.
  • At last the day came, when Selina was to bid adieu to the only scene, with which happiness was as yet associated in her mind.
  • Are not the perfect holiness and happiness of each and every part of the moral world better for each and every part thereof than are their contraries?
  • But there is a happiness which stands higher than domestic happiness; there are matters where the mere sight of you would be to me a hindrance and an obstacle.

Definition of Happiness

(uncountable) The emotion of being happy; joy. | (archaic, uncountable) prosperity, thriving, wellbeing. | (archaic, uncountable) Good luck; good fortune.
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