Happy In A Sentence

How To Use Happy In A Sentence?

  • The landlord was happy that the poor dear man had paid his reckoning before he went.
  • I had never been so proud and happy before, and have seldom been so proud and happy since.
  • They seemed a happy couple; more like the rest of the world than we had been led to suppose.
  • Miss Pat is worth looking at any time and folks like to see a real happy person once in a while.
  • And Jessie spoke with the happy little laugh that we had not heard for a long, long time.
  • He would be perfectly happy as a don; he could read up the German critics and expound Sophocles.
  • Therefore I was quite as happy in my guilt as I could have been if I had been innocent.
  • My first thought was poor Curzon; my second, happy and trice fortunate Harry Lorrequer.
  • Hubert had positively nothing to say to her; but she seemed quite happy as long as she was with him.
  • He looked as he spoke so divinely happy that it is so the angels must appear in their everlasting spring.
  • Elinor, you've made me tremendously happy by sticking to the point like you did.
  • The happy years we spent there were marked by no wonderful occurrences, and were not enlivened by any particular gaiety.
  • I could not forget this glimpse of a beautiful and a happy world; a world so suited to my natural character.
  • You could break his heart with a word of disapproval; you could make him as happy as an angel with a word of approval.
  • Altogether it was a great success as a celebration and a happy augury of the future into which it ushered the expectant Patricia.
  • The conversation fell; but the sweet meadow seemed to induce confidences, and they were so happy in their youth and the sorcery of the sunshine.
  • The joyful, loving pair, happy beyond all expression, were then left alone with their joy and happiness.
  • He does not cause, he does not tolerate sin, on account of its happy effects, or on account of the uses to which it may be turned.
  • Would not such an appointment, we ask, have been more likely to have been attended with a happy issue than that for which Edwards contends?
  • I hope so, because I should like her to be made happy by remembering we have both got through her what we wanted more than anything in the world.
  • Patricia came out from that interview so bewildered yet so happy that she forgot completely about questioning the teacher as to Rosamond Merton.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Happy | Happy Sentence

  • We are a very happy family.
  • I was only too happy to retire.
  • I feel quite happy now.
  • I was too purely happy in her society.
  • Likely to be attended with a happy issue!
  • He would be perfectly happy as a don.
  • Everything is pleasant and happy in dreams.
  • He was never happy unless he was fighting.
  • O hundred shores of happy climes!
  • I thought my house so still, so happy after it.
  • Pep started off, whistling like some happy lark.
  • We ought to be most gloriously happy to find ourselves here.
  • They strive to reconcile them, and are happy when they succeed.
  • Any man would be proud of being an agent of this happy reunion.
  • Oh! if she knew how much good she had done, how happy she would be!
  • I cannot tell you how happy I was at this sudden change in my situation.
  • Finally Pep came into view briskly, happy faced and excited.
  • Oh, how happy I am, and how hard I'll try to study.
  • The crowd was put in rare good humor by Frank's happy thought.

Definition of Happy

Having a feeling arising from a consciousness of well-being or of enjoyment; enjoying good of any kind, such as comfort, peace, or tranquillity; blissful, contented, joyous. | Experiencing the effect of favourable fortune; favored by fortune or luck; fortunate, lucky, propitious. | Content, satisfied (with or to do something); having no objection (to something).
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