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  • A harangue in the mouth of the leader?
  • Betty listened to this long harangue breathlessly.
  • This eloquent harangue left me purple.
  • The harangue was silly, as all his speeches were.
  • Eventually Dodo could stand this harangue no longer.
  • He was just in the middle of his harangue when the accident happened.
  • So he went on with his harangue until the bell rang and the class was over.
  • The loftiest harangue would not have been so cunning to touch their wits.
  • The devil in the centre shouted a fierce harangue into the air.
  • Only one word constantly occurring in his harangue can I remember.
  • I should feel coarse and misplaced, were I to harangue over-much.
  • The Doctor ends his peculiar harangue with: "Britons!
  • Delivered in English, the harangue flew high over the Mexican's head.

How To Use Harangue In A Sentence?

  • Attempts were made to harangue the gathering, but everywhere the speeches were cut short.
  • After he had ceased, the great chief rose, and delivered an harangue to the same effect.
  • With the same harangue Monsieur Luminot and his second set the whole neighborhood in a ferment.
  • Croque finished his harangue by bowing low to Monsieur and Madame de Belleville.
  • Jock seemed to listen more attentively to this harangue than he had ever done to a sermon in his life.
  • It was the third that finally interrupted the harangue with the irascibility of one aroused from pleasant sleep.
  • He was so dazzled that at first he could not speak; then he began and delivered his harangue to perfection.
  • Then he roused and delivered the great harangue to the multitude, gave them the advice which made them so powerful.
  • At this point some one kicked him violently, and he looked up to see the subject of his harangue sauntering up the room.
  • You are an orator from the sea-shore; but you must put more pebbles in your mouth before you harangue me into a tea-kettle connexion.
  • He would strut for hours before any one who would listen to his senseless twaddle and would harangue and discourse on the rights of the people.
  • It was a common exercise in the ancient schools of rhetoric to make an abstract question, and to harangue first on one side and then on the other.
  • There, steel and gunpowder will be the elements; here, the convulsion finishes in a harangue and the coffee-house.
  • The intonation of the single word brought Ellen's harangue to an abrupt cessation.
  • He had no air of vexation, however, as he delivered this somewhat reproachful harangue in the picturesque language to which he commonly resorted.
  • Oroonoko, beside himself with anger, because his child had been born into slavery, made a harangue to the assembled multitude.
  • Then Charles took the floor, and delivered a tremendous harangue with a marvellous command of language.
  • Roy was in the midst of an eloquent harangue on all he was going to do when he was grown up, when Dudley suddenly came to a standstill.
  • Threats resounded on all sides, and Wilson was so carried away with excitement that he climbed a tree to harangue the multitude.
  • The substance of his harangue was that the Indians wanted peace, and they asked that blackgowns might be sent to teach them.
  • When he had finished, the duke himself delivered an harangue wherein he expatiated on the splendours of the ancient kingdom of Burgundy.
  • Mrs. Barry had risen slowly during this harangue and now looked down upon her son with haughty, displeased eyes.
  • Then Mrs. Stevens began a harangue on the evils of second marriages and wound up by declaring they were compacts of the devil.
  • I need not recapitulate my harangue the next morning when I came down late and found only Millicent left to make my breakfast.
  • During the timber baron's harangue Lane kept his eyes on the prophet, meeting the latter's blinking regard with sullen threat in his eyes.
  • He has only to make his appearance and harangue the troops, and they will call him to the royal station, in the possession of which he will be protected by his good right.
  • No violence was used, but a guard was placed in front of the entrance and the assembly was left in darkness to talk and argue and harangue as much as it desired.

Definition of Harangue

(transitive, intransitive) To give a forceful and lengthy lecture or criticism to someone. | An impassioned, disputatious public speech. | A tirade, harsh scolding or rant, whether spoken or written.

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