Harass In A Sentence

Definition of Harass

To fatigue or to tire with repeated and exhausting efforts. | To annoy endlessly or systematically; to molest. | To put excessive burdens upon; to subject to anxieties.

How To Use Harass In A Sentence?

  • In spite of the congestion on the roads the enemy made only one attempt that day to harass them.
  • This usually took about an hour and we would hang around outside and harass the guards.
  • The poor little heart needed nourishment against the gloom and harass of the great dull city.
  • For some reason or other they hated the girl, and took every opportunity to harass and worry her.
  • Many men no doubt harass their wives and force many burdens upon their slender constitutions.
  • It was in quite another way that he intended, if necessary, to harass this country.
  • Of all the griefs that harass the distressed, Sure the most bitter is a scornful jest.
  • So, as one does when circumstances harass one, Hy-son began to draw up a comparison.
  • Unless we make friends with England, we must find the best way to harass her, in case of war.
  • The last three tribes were being stirred by jealous New Mexicans to harass the caravans.
  • When I disappeared, Tom would go to my friend, and harass him, perhaps cause his arrest.
  • A menacing company of ghosts to harass a weary man as his eyes closed at night and confront him when he opened them in the morning!
  • He advanced in full order of battle before the enemy, who remained motionless and did not attempt in the least to harass his retreat.
  • To interpellate means to harass and embarrass the government by continual contradictions, interruptions, and objections.
  • But, on the other hand, do not harass the child by needless restrictions, nor worry it by excess of management.
  • They can erase legitimate messages; or spy on private messages; or harass users with recorded taunts and obscenities.
  • Idleness and a disturbed imagination will gain the mastery of him, and let loose their thousand fiends to harass him, to torment him into madness.
  • No discontent could harass us if we had a deeper faith in Thee and a broader love for those about us.
  • Napoleon gathered his army into three columns and followed; but slowly and circumspectly, because without cavalry he could not harass them.
  • Port admirals never go to bed, or if they do they leave some wakeful person to harass their subordinates with ill-timed change of orders.
  • He was yet to live some years to harass the Christians, against whom he ever displayed a most inveterate rancour.
  • Having disembarked the infantry detachment, the flotilla steamed south to try to harass the retreating Emir.
  • Repent them of their evil ways and take to leniency, or, thinking they had their victim quite at their mercy, still further goad and harass her?
  • Is it nothing that you harass a sick man with complaints, and thrust him back with unwelcome visits, when he might otherwise get well?
  • The troops were now utterly disorganised, and the Afghans continued to harass them, both while bivouacing and on the march.
  • Nelson answered, No, but that if there was such a vessel still at liberty he was not of a mind to leave it to harass him.
  • It was lucky that the Dervishes did not harass the communications, or assail Akasha before it was fortified.
  • At last we reached the land; I proceeded to my hotel and busied myself with my trunks, but the voice continued to harass me.
  • In poorly endowed intellects, whether in men or women, fitfulness and its almost constant associate petulance harass many circles and many hearths.
  • It was now necessary to punish the Arab tribes who had taken advantage of the Kimmerian invasion to harass the empire on the south.
  • It is sometimes as important for the superior officer not to worry his subordinate with useless orders as it is for the subordinate not to harass his superior with useless questions.
  • Anthony Trent was one of those who volunteered to clean up machine gun nests left behind to harass the advancing troops of the Allies.
  • She very sensibly looked at the question as one in which the conscience had no part, for the simple reason that there was no guilty motive to harass it.
  • At the same time he ordered the local militia to assemble as rapidly as possible in the neighbourhood, in order to harass the movements of the enemy.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Harass | Harass Sentence

  • They did all they could to harass their existing tenants.
  • I know whom pain shall harass for that word.
  • Then, and then only, will the symptoms harass us no more.
  • Forgive me that I harass you with this catalogue of my misfortunes.
  • Chinese likin-barriers begin to harass the caravans at Schehleh.
  • He continued to harass Sawakin, and to devastate the neighbouring country.

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