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  • Sweet harbinger of love!
  • Is it the voice of joy or the harbinger of gloom?
  • Hail to thee, lovely harbinger of spring!
  • Magic is the harbinger of Science.
  • This is, indeed, a harbinger of spring.
  • The great harbinger of the new era was Galileo.
  • The bluebird was no harbinger of spring at Canyon Pass.
  • I am certain that they regarded me as the harbinger of others.
  • Why, the very name will be considered as a harbinger of good fortune.
  • A failure of the pine-nut crop was a harbinger of a starvation winter.
  • Let the Christmas Rose be a harbinger of joy to both of you.
  • Ill boding harbinger of woe, what word Have thy lips uttered?
  • I refer to your letter in the Advent Harbinger of Sept. 28th.
  • And Spring, the harbinger of peace Proclaimed the fight was o'er.

How To Use Harbinger In A Sentence?

  • Corpulency itself is a species of disease, and a still surer harbinger of other diseases.
  • I tremble at every sound, and every footstep seems to be the harbinger of some disaster.
  • Horrid, frowning waste and aimless discontinuity of land, harbinger of loneliness and of evil!
  • On the other hand, that idea was a harbinger of joy, of cheer, of hope to the millions.
  • Oh, the glory of the night, harbinger of his high emprise, his deathless glory!
  • Moral and intellectual improvement amongst perfectly secluded females is a sure harbinger of national regeneration.
  • In general, the atmosphere is tranquil, but occasionally a stormy agitation is the harbinger of a change.
  • They did not know that the boy was to become the harbinger of a great truth, that his mind would refuse to travel in the old path.
  • This flower was to the Egyptians the harbinger of coming plenty, for it symbolised the springing forth of the wheat.
  • So after breakfast the uncanny harbinger of disaster provided by the body of the drowned sailor was, if not forgotten, at least generally ignored.
  • At home the surrender of Burgoyne thrilled the whole land, for all felt it to be the harbinger of final triumph.
  • The moment the majority seized upon it, that great principle became a shibboleth and harbinger of blood and fire, spreading suffering and disaster.
  • The first harbinger of spring we saw this year was a snow-bunting, which made its appearance on the evening of April 25th.
  • When the glorious sun appeareth, 'Tis thy harbinger to me: Only thus he cheereth.
  • The whole village was filled with rejoicing at having caught a salmon, which was considered as the harbinger of vast quantities that would arrive in a few days.
  • The negroes are of an opinion that this bird is the harbinger of death; be that as it may, her melancholy cry on such a spot called up many an image.
  • Flame, either of victory to Spain and us, or of a patriot death, the sure harbinger of victory to Spain.
  • This is the beautiful morning and evening star, the peerless planet that ushers in the twilight and the dawn, the harbinger of day and unrivalled queen of the evening.
  • I presume the editor of the Harbinger would have no objections to the alteration, provided Mr. W. was satisfied.
  • The mute eloquence of her look and manner was only the harbinger of that same thrilling eloquence, which fell from her tongue when I won the declaration of her affection.
  • A white dove is the harbinger of death to the Arundels of Wardour; a white hare to an equally well-known family in Cornwall.
  • This increase of cold betokened the cessation of the stormy weather, and the Doctor hailed it gladly as the harbinger of his favourite hunting and exploring expeditions.

Definition of Harbinger

(transitive) To announce or precede; to be a harbinger of. | A person or thing that foreshadows or foretells the coming of someone or something. | (obsolete) One who provides lodgings; especially, the officer of the English royal household who formerly preceded the court when travelling, to provide and prepare lodgings.
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