Hard Times In A Sentence

Definition of Hard Times

plural of hard time

How To Use Hard Times In A Sentence?

  • In very hard times they all proved themselves to be thoroughly loyal and efficient.
  • Even the hungry appetite with which she ate spoke of the hard times she had gone through.
  • With what fortitude did she share our hard times when water was scarce or rations late.
  • I should have liked a carrot or two, but in these hard times that would have been extravagant.
  • He is a man you can always trust, which is saying something in these hard times.
  • This is baked or roasted on a jack before the fire, but it is used only in hard times.
  • Capitalists were always talking of hard times; it was part of their deep laid perspicacity.
  • As is always the case, the party in power was held to be responsible for the hard times.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hard Times | Hard Times Sentence

  • I had fought through other hard times.
  • She was done with hard times.
  • My life and hard times.
  • Are hard times coming?
  • Anything for a free feed in these hard times.
  • The very root of independence is hard times.
  • Hard times is what makes sound characters.
  • Nevertheless, there were hard times before them.
  • Then the taxes were increased and hard times came.
  • Hard work and hard times overspread the valley.
  • A state capital seeing some hard times.
  • Then hard times came a-knocking at the door.
  • She is not fit to battle with hard hearts or hard times.
  • Then poverty, hard times and plenty of pluck.
  • What will the Muses do in these hard times?
  • Mrs. Mangenborn put it down to hard times.
  • Should I distribute my debts in these hard times?
  • Oh, you have seen hard times, sir, with us all.
  • I want you to think about the hard times we have been through.
  • They toil through hard times by tightening up their bellies.
  • Hard Times.
  • After the panic came the "hard times.
  • It was a significant fact that the unions declined during the hard times.
  • We heard no talk of hard times except just before a presidential election.
  • You will look back on the hard times with a certain fondness of recollection.
  • We note what a heavy burden a large family is to a man in hard times.
  • We had seen hard times together, and were very fondly attached to each other.
  • Assuredly these were very hard times for players, playhouses, and playgoers.
  • Hard times, James?
  • Pauperism incrusts and clogs the state, and in hard times becomes hideous.
  • Cables are expensive, and in these hard times a penny saved is a penny earned.
  • Perhaps even these roots themselves might, in hard times, serve for food.

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