Hard Work In A Sentence

How To Use Hard Work In A Sentence?

  • After refreshment comes the hard work.
  • I am going to leave all the hard work to you.
  • The rest was all just sheer hard work.
  • There was less fun and more hard work.
  • My, it was hard work.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hard Work | Hard Work Sentence

  • But it was hard work for him.
  • Hard work did me good.
  • Hard work was not in his line.
  • No more hard work for him!
  • It was not hard work after all.
  • It was very hard work.
  • Hard work and excitement?
  • But it was hard work.
  • You did all of the hard work.
  • T was too hard work for you.
  • It was hard work getting out to it!
  • Hard work was his beneficent sedative.
  • No more hard work for us.
  • Certainly there were compensations in hard work!
  • It was hard work out there in the stream.
  • Hard work and poor pay.
  • It is oftener hard work.
  • Pankburn did not object to the hard work.
  • They did not make hard work of it.
  • Now came the hard work.
  • But it was terribly hard work.
  • Such hard work for everybody!
  • He said it was hard work.
  • But she finds it hard work.
  • I had lots of hard work.
  • Simply a day of hard work.
  • On the contrary it had been hard work.
  • It is hard work and everybody for himself.
  • He had hard work to keep from crying.
  • It was not hard work that had worn upon her.
  • His only inheritance was poverty and hard work.
  • By hard work she got him awake.
  • There is much hard work on the farm.
  • It was doubly hard work in the dark.
  • I had hard work to get her to sleep.
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