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  • The agent grinned harder than ever.
  • Better to tread the harder path of duty.
  • In fact he jumped and pulled all the harder and faster.
  • It will be harder work than ever now, though.
  • His voice was slow, but harder now in quality.
  • Beatrix also, though it might be harder for her.
  • The task, however, was harder than we had supposed.
  • Mrs. Robin worked harder than ever that day.
  • The wrench of separation would have been correspondingly harder to bear.
  • It is harder and less readily attacked by acids than limestone.
  • To define what makes a home is harder even than to achieve one.
  • A device for making poetry easier to write and harder to read.
  • As he squinted, he suddenly pressed his eye harder against the window.
  • He must think harder to find a way of accomplishment; that was all.
  • It is a gray metal, considerably heavier and harder than sodium.
  • As years roll on, it becomes more easy to believe and harder to doubt.
  • The harder bad luck tried to down him, the more fiercely he rose in rebellion.
  • The journey over from Exmoor was harder on him than they thought it would be.
  • And wait Tom did, though there is no harder task in all the world.
  • It is harder to get letters through than it was; but, thank God!
  • But she worked harder than any servant I have ever had, and to better purpose.

How To Use Harder In A Sentence?

  • Her responsibilities never drove her to work harder than was absolutely necessary.
  • It might be harder to deal with than the savage, illiterate toughs he was used to.
  • The girl with thin hair has a harder problem than the girl whose hair is thick.
  • On the contrary, she made it harder by looking at him gravely without speaking.
  • Again and again she tried, but in vain; and the harder she pulled the harder the child cried.
  • It was harder to tell them about the evening before, for that was all so full of Bob.
  • Of the next, i, we differ farder, and the knot harder to louse, for nether syde wantes sum reason.
  • Your efforts in that direction do no good, because your explanations are harder to believe than the miracle itself.
  • But the steel of which it was composed was very hard, and he found it a harder task than he had anticipated.
  • It is very easy indeed to generalise about a class or human beings, but much harder to produce a sample.
  • It melts in the oxyhydrogen blowpipe and in the electric furnace; it is harder than gold and is a good conductor of electricity.
  • It is still harder to conceive why he fell into a rage when the people mildly suggested that they would like a change of diet.
  • In her own way she worked even harder than he, and it was a heart-breaking thought that with it all she was not making a success of the place.
  • Iridium is used in the form of a platinum alloy, since the alloy is much harder than pure platinum and is even less fusible.
  • The rain still kept on with unabated fury, but the harder it poured, the more cozy the shack seemed by contrast.
  • He neither dreamed nor was conscious of anything, but slept like a dead man, having fought against her mesmerism harder than he knew.
  • Oh, it was a good one, but that old Dutchman was harder stuff than you're made of.
  • His pictures, however, are browner in tone and harder in execution than Adriaen's.
  • The Indians were now paddling even harder than before, in hope of overtaking the canoe, now that it was impelled by but two rowers.

Definition of Harder

comparative form of hard: more hard | Alternative spelling of haarder
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