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  • He was in the hardest moment of his trial.
  • They had then their hardest lessons to learn.
  • There was where he had to fight his hardest battle.
  • The hardest of all is to leave my loved ones.
  • The old hope is hardest to be lost!
  • Wad melt the hardest whun-stane!
  • He performed the hardest kinds of labour in the mills.
  • Now, he had to try his hardest against this man.
  • Men generally frets hardest after the uselessest ones.
  • It was the hardest work he ever did, and he showed it.
  • I knew you were of those who fight hardest when closest pressed.
  • It's the hardest kind of work.
  • They thrive best on barren ground, and grow fattest in the hardest frosts.
  • The fight for water is one of the hardest necessities of the Persian peasant.
  • And in the Light-Weights you get the hardest fighting of all.
  • You know that Browning was one of the hardest men who ever entered Yale.
  • Mr. Raikes was one of the hardest working of Postmasters-General.
  • Our next day's work was the longest and hardest we had yet had.

How To Use Hardest In A Sentence?

  • One of the hardest things on earth as a mental operation is to be fair to the opposition.
  • It was afterwards characterized by my brother as the hardest piece of service he had yet seen.
  • She had set herself to a race, and against her rode the hardest rider in the mountains.
  • The hardest thing to do in life is to make a living dishonestly for any length of time.
  • He had the hardest work getting them to pay attention to this, and eat all they could.
  • This is the hardest book on this list to obtain, and of course, the most overt.
  • Next he dressed in a dark-gray suit, knowing that this is the color hardest to see at night.
  • It was, he told me, the hardest thing to believe he had run up against, as yet, in his life.
  • Doth not remembrance of a common doom, To soft compassion melt the hardest heart?
  • She is like a traveller who deliberately takes the hardest road and chooses all the most disagreeable places to walk in.
  • He is admitted to be one of the best of our officers, and certainly one of the hardest working.
  • Finally she was degraded into being the kitchen wench, to fetch and carry, and do the hardest and most nauseating tasks.
  • Many of them prefer their independence to matrimony, which not uncommonly turns out to be about the hardest way for a woman to get a living.
  • And now the girl who did not like to study books, and who hated to sew, became one of the hardest of workers.
  • To a person of mental resources inactivity is more irksome than the hardest work, and sluggishness is justly used as a synonyme of imbecility.
  • And thus a bore is the hardest of all people to convert, because he is, as a rule, conscious of virtue and beneficence.
  • Sunday was the hardest day of all to Fulk, for this was the only one on which he could not be busy enough to tire himself out.
  • Food fried in fats, rich pastries and gravies are the hardest to digest, and better health will usually follow discontinuing them.
  • Ay, gentlemen, that would indeed be a renunciation of the hardest kind, and practically it could never be carried out!
  • Hiram stared his hardest at the stranger, Dave's eyes quickened with sudden intelligence.
  • He was the bottled-up type; the things that hit him hardest he seldom mentioned, so by that rule it might be inferred that her going hit hard.
  • Then she looked back again at her manuscript, and decided that to write grammatical English prose is the hardest thing in the world.

Definition of Hardest

superlative form of hard: most hard. Most rigid or most difficult.

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