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  • You look too hardily at the brand of pleasure on my brow.
  • He had dreamt of stark battles and of renown that would be hardily won.

How To Use Hardily In A Sentence?

  • She looked the mercenary hardily in the face as she gave him her command, and the villain quailed.
  • A bird flew down from a tree, and alighted hardily within a couple of yards of the terrier.
  • Of vegetation there is almost none, except a stunted heather which creeps hardily towards the blast hole.
  • And raising his hand he thrust the startled official aside, and hardily pushed the doors of the chamber open.
  • Let us strive hardily for success even if by so doing we risk failure, spurning the poorer souls of small endeavor who know neither failure nor success.
  • The knowledge of how far she had gone, of how much she had betrayed herself, swelled and swelled before her mind until it seemed to fill her life, but she looked at it hardily and unabashed.

Definition of Hardily

In a hardy manner.
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