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  • He hardly knew where he was.
  • You have hardly changed at all.
  • I hardly know what to call it.
  • Gray hardly heard the words.
  • He could hardly contain himself.
  • The snow delayed the passage of the troops hardly at all.
  • Still, it is hardly more agreeable to encounter.
  • I could hardly speak....
  • He would hardly let Teleki go.
  • He was hardly conscious of fatigue as he pressed across the sandy waste.
  • It had hardly seemed possible that their customary humility could go lower.
  • My own joy was unbounded, and that of my brothers and sisters was hardly less.
  • Gray hardly dared finish the thought, even in the secrecy of his own soul.
  • Madame hardly says a word to me now, but she nods her head a good deal.

How To Use Hardly In A Sentence?

  • She was so scared that she could hardly get her words out, and her face was white.
  • He was very much agitated, and looked about the room, at first hardly seeing it.
  • A subject coming first in its sentence may be emphatic, but hardly by its position alone.
  • I hardly think we will try any day shows until next week, unless our competitors do.
  • Gray made some answer, he hardly knew what, and presently he got up and moved away.
  • The result, though not unwholesome, was of a deep brown colour, and hardly palatable.
  • Davidson was known to visit in her places that no one else could find and that hardly anybody had ever heard of.
  • Ida could hardly believe her senses when she found herself by the little old lady's own fireside.
  • Humanity has hardly advanced in fortitude since that time, though it has advanced in many other ways.
  • Now listen to what the caballers have devised, so as to ensnare us once more in those meshes from which we have hardly withdrawn our heads.
  • He could hardly contain himself; the emotion that discussion with this sick girl caused him went to his head.
  • The other hardly smiled and murmured the admission that true enough it was a good eleven months since he had been in town last.
  • The town stood in the middle distance, its colour blotted out, and its smoke hardly distinguishable.
  • Gray had not slept during the day, and he hardly expected to sleep during the night; he felt too feverishly eager for the morning.
  • Humanity, since that time, has advanced in many other ways, but it has hardly advanced in fortitude.
  • As this, however, is no uncommon case with gentlemen who travel for their pleasure, it is hardly worthy of remark.
  • Emily had begun to undress; and, tearing off her things, she hardly took more than five minutes to get into bed.
  • Above all, there was a two-handled sword, which he could hardly wield; but which he displayed as a proof that there had been giants in his family.
  • As we had risen considerably higher than the Gyantse plain, the crops on this and similar ground had hardly begun to show.
  • The other, a slender, dark-eyed fellow, hardly more than a lad, was looking at him with a gloomy contemptuous irritation in his glance.
  • Of the fifty pounds he had received from Ford about twenty remained: he had been poorer before, but hardly quite so hopeless.
  • He practised harder than ever, and hardly took time to eat and drink, and only on Sundays a great while to dress.
  • I did lessons with her, though, and tried to plague her, and played very sad, very ill, and would hardly read a bar.
  • In the northern cold part hardly anything grows, but in the central part great quantities of corn, grain, fruits and vegetables are raised.
  • For about seven days you hardly rise at all, merely following the course upstream of the Teesta river, and later on of one of its tributaries.
  • I had hardly made the request but he seated himself by my side, and gave me his story in, as nearly as I can recollect, the following words.

Definition of Hardly

(manner, obsolete) Firmly, vigorously, with strength or exertion. | (manner, archaic) Harshly, severely. | (now rare) With difficulty.
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