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  • It stood to her only for hardness and isolation.
  • Adelle was surprised at the hardness of his mood.
  • Oh, the hardness of her heart.
  • She laughed with a note of hardness in her young voice.
  • Dr Piecraft was reflecting on the hardness of his lot.
  • The simplicity of the words contrasts with the hardness of their meaning.
  • Its hardness and strength commend it to the boat and ship builder.
  • It does not imply any hardness of heart, or any indifference.
  • By suppling the neck and the jaw, this hardness completely disappears.
  • For example, hardness and shininess are qualities of the substance iron.
  • The hardness abruptly died out of Kate's eyes.
  • Art's face settled to a certain hardness that still was not hostile.
  • Rock elm" and "hickory elm" are names that refer to the hardness of the wood.

How To Use Hardness In A Sentence?

  • You can carve a nut in a thousand different ways by reason of the hardness of the shell.
  • The very hardness of the life cultivated an ability to snatch joy from the smallest incident.
  • It is very difficult to remove, owing to its hardness and resistance to reagents.
  • The little hardness which had tightened her mouth had disappeared, her eyes had softened.
  • What difference did the taunts of schoolmates, the hardness of a foster-father make now?
  • The hardness of such waters is said to be temporary, since it may be removed by boiling.
  • He was hard with her, and she was hard in return, with a hardness he had never suspected in her.
  • And again he saith, Circumcise the hardness of your heart, and harden not your neck.
  • He made little of Josh Perrott, his hardness and known fighting power notwithstanding.
  • Probably just this sort of irresponsible ebullition was necessary to balance the hardness of the life.
  • And never was there so great danger of such persons being given up to hardness of heart and blindness of mind.
  • The hardness of the product is increased by the presence of a considerable amount of magnesium chloride in the paste.
  • The hop hornbeam has habits like the other ironwood and an equal reputation for the hardness of its wood.
  • The hardness of water may also be due to the presence of calcium and magnesium sulphates or chlorides.
  • If peat is pressed to a sufficient degree of hardness it burns in a manner not unlike some forms of coal.
  • But if they shall not have this sense in their hearts, they shall not be saved by reason of the hardness of their hearts.
  • It is quite soft and is usually alloyed with copper or silver to give it the hardness required for most practical uses.
  • He hesitated, and the whimsical note crept in and dulled the threatened edge of hardness in his voice.
  • His whole character now changes and the hardness of his previous brutal misanthropy softens into something at least approaching humanity.
  • He squatted, groping with clawed fingers, found the blessed hardness of the books and gathered them up.
  • A great shower of sparks was thrown off with each fresh stroke, and these told of the fineness of the steel and the hardness of the flint.
  • He had no use in his heart for little brothers and sisters of the rich, and in his experienced hardness he was sometimes unjust to kindly people.
  • Then the hardness died out of Charlie's eyes to be replaced once more by his usual gentle smile.
  • Even in the thirteenth month the child often raps his head with his hand to try the effect, and seems surprised at the hardness of the head.
  • She and Ruth had been bewailing the hardness of their lot that afternoon while Ralph was out with his gun.
  • Oh, sirs, your case in an especial manner is extremely dangerous; your guilt and hardness of heart is extremely great.
  • He was excessively handsome; but there was a cold, profligate, unvarying hardness of expression in his face, that made me dislike him.

Definition of Hardness

The quality of being hard. | An instance of this quality; hardship. | (inorganic chemistry) The quantity of calcium carbonate dissolved in water, usually expressed in parts per million (ppm).
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