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  • They have never harmed me.
  • But he harmed no one.
  • I could not have harmed a fly.
  • And be harmed by this beauty of mine.
  • I have not harmed a hair of his head.
  • The axe had not harmed it, nor had fire marred its beauty.
  • It had never harmed any one, and how could it harm them?
  • As far as he could remember, he had never harmed a fly.
  • The Shawnees have never harmed me.
  • I killed Hanson, shot him dead, never harmed me.
  • Sure David of Eden had never harmed the gambler.
  • Nay, nay, I have not so much as harmed a hair of his head.
  • Finally, it had not been harmed by landing on Quaco Ledge.
  • I haven't harmed her at all.
  • The psychophysical system itself was not really harmed by such influences.
  • Yesterday it had not harmed him, except to put him into the bag.
  • To his delight the little fire-sticks were not harmed by his bath.
  • You won't be harmed if you go in good faith.
  • His wild life had certainly harmed neither his spirit nor his body.
  • But he harmed nothing else of all the beautiful things, because he loved them.
  • For he can become angry, though he has never harmed those who leave him alone.
  • Nevertheless they harmed not the temples, for so the King had commanded.
  • Not a hair of that august head shall be harmed if I can help it.
  • Still, that Apache devil doesn't seem to have harmed you.
  • It lay on the seat of the gleeman, and it harmed none that I did try it.
  • He has harmed me--but he has ruined you.
  • Was he harmed by that--that awful three days at sea?

How To Use Harmed In A Sentence?

  • But he is harmed who abideth on still in his own deception and ignorance.
  • It might be that they would be really harmed if they were taken back to their home.
  • In all your life you never harmed a child; and how good you have always been to me!
  • He is not reported to have harmed any one, neither did he commit any damage in the church.
  • We were doing nothing at all, so we could not have harmed any one, and we pray you to spare us!
  • But the parts which are harmed by pain, let them, if they can, give their opinion about it.
  • Crooked trees and wolf trees whose unduly large tops harmed lower growths were also to be cut.
  • I have had so many friends killed by them, good quiet people, who never harmed any one.
  • The American invaders had harmed nothing, but their encampment was spread throughout the city.
  • But even had it not been for that, I scarcely think they would have harmed an old man.
  • A-bal-ka never harmed any one, nor did he scold and steal like Mee-ko the Red Squirrel.
  • The captain proceeded to state that there seemed no likelihood of the prisoners being harmed at present.
  • And it weighs not a feather, all the ruin and squalor and death you will bring to a people who never harmed you!

Definition of Harmed

simple past tense and past participle of harm
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