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  • SEE Horne, Herman Harrell.
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  • O'Connell, John O'Connell, son fils, Steele, Duffy, Harrell, le docteur
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  • [Footnote 40: Harrell, _Confederate Military History_, vol.

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  • We were all sorry to hear this and doubly sorry when on Sunday the 11th he mounted a mule and regretfully rode away with Mr. Harrell.
  • The boats had been lightened by trading to Harrell some of our flour, of which we had an over abundance when it came to portages, for fresh beef, of which we were very much in need.
  • Every man was looking forward to this canyon with some dread and before losing ourselves within its depths we expected to enjoy the letters from home which Mr. Harrell was to bring back from the railway for us.
  • Clara McNeely Harrell Interview with Clara McNeely Harrell, Cape Girardeau, Missouri.
  • The Chairman, Sir David Harrell, appeared to be an ex-official distinguished in (of all things in the world) the Irish Constabulary.
  • On Saturday the 17th of June, the member of the Harrell party who was to travel overland from Green River Station with mail for us from Salt Lake arrived with only two letters.
  • Quickly landing we learned that it was some cattlemen's temporary headquarters (Harrell Brothers), and some of the men had been to Green River Station since our departure from that place, the distance by trail not being half that by river.
  • The splitting of the geographic range into eastern and western parts possibly resulted from a southward shift of colder climates in glacial stages of the Pleistocene, or from the development of an intervening arid region in the late Miocene and Pliocene (see discussions in Martin and Harrell, 1957, and Blair, 1959).
  • Shipshewana Gross, Mrs. Margaret E., 808 Fenton Road, Marion Harrell, Franklin M.,
  • Clara McNeely Harrell, probably 80 or 82 years old lives in hollow--no street number west from Washington School, Cape Girardeau, Mo. Joe Higgerson Interview with Joe Higgerson, Sedalia, Missouri.
  • - Clara McNeely Harrell - Joe Higgerson - Delia Hill - Louis Hill - Rhody
  • 226-227 Harrell, J.M: work cited in _footnotes_ on pages 23, 149, 188, 190, 194, 249, 251, 284, 289 Harris, Cyrus: 63,

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