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How To Use Harrow In A Sentence?

  • The harrow brings about conditions favorable to the even distribution of seeds.
  • A discourse followed, which was calculated to harrow the feelings to the utmost.
  • It looked as though it had been drawn through a harrow whose teeth had bitten deep.
  • Next they sit on the harrow and keep a tiny flame burning on each corner of it for an hour.
  • The original and more common form of the spring-toothed harrow is a floating harrow when at work.
  • After that, frequent shallow cultivation should be given with a light harrow or weeder.
  • It is an excellent tool to use alternately with a spike or coulter-toothed harrow on lumpy soil.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Harrow | Harrow Sentence

  • Here are some portraits that will not harrow your feelings.
  • Or will he harrow the valleys after thee?
  • It is a harrow that can be made on any farm.
  • The harrow and rake destroy the weeds.
  • I sent a hand out to harrow in some peas.
  • A weeder or light harrow will do the work.
  • But Harrow soon knocked them out of him.
  • The blue of the Harrow colours.
  • I lunched with them at the Harrow match.
  • I wish it to be buried in Harrow church.
  • Their characteristic note is the singing of Harrow songs.
  • The train slid slowly out of Harrow station.
  • Ye winds that harrow up the wintry waste, Awake!
  • Evensong was over in Harrow Chapel.
  • He was at Harrow and Cambridge.
  • Who ever heard of Harrow and Eton?
  • The fellow, no doubt, was in debt to some Harrow townsman.
  • The Eton and Harrow match ended in another draw.
  • The concerts at Harrow take place in the great Speech-room.
  • And Harrow tradesmen are at the mercy of the Head Master.
  • A plank harrow 105 59.
  • In January, 1868, Butler admitted me to Harrow School.
  • A coulter-toothed harrow 104 58.
  • A Colloquy after the Eton and Harrow Cricket Match.
  • The men had followed the harrow and seeder a while that morning.
  • It is an excellent harrow to finish off with after using a rolling cutter.
  • The chain harrow consists of a web of chains linked together.
  • This harrow is as good as a roller in fining and smoothing the surface soil.
  • Why harrow up the public bosom, or lasserate the public mind?
  • We can't harrow our foreheads with scars, can we?
  • The brush harrow is a primitive form made by fastening brush to a long pole.
  • The harrow consists of four or five links, in each of which are twelve joints.
  • A coach ran through Harrow in the afternoons of that season.

Definition of Harrow

(transitive) To drag a harrow over; to break up with a harrow. | (transitive) To traumatize or disturb; to frighten or torment. | (transitive) To break or tear, as if with a harrow; to wound; to lacerate; to torment or distress; to vex.
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