Harrowing In A Sentence

Definition of Harrowing

Causing pain or distress. | present participle of harrow | The process of breaking up earth with a harrow.

How To Use Harrowing In A Sentence?

  • This practice of leaving the middles interferes with proper harrowing and after-cultivation.
  • Oh, was not this an appalling and harrowing reflection for a proud spirit like his?
  • And now it became the custom to follow up a harrowing tragedy with a most broadly comic epilogue.
  • Had genuine bereavement ever been theirs, they would find only harrowing pain in such things.
  • It is a topic most harrowing to the feelings, and one that a sensitive mind cannot descant upon.
  • From professional incontinence, perhaps, he thirsted for a full cup of harrowing detail.
  • It was Harding, harrowing by steam or perhaps bedding down his seed-wheat with the land-packer.
  • After that harrowing experience in the Hollis driveway, he had seen Ruth Nelson but twice.
  • Very sweet and very harrowing to him was the intimacy of their conspiracy over that underground wire.
  • This was a very harrowing and needless expedition which could have very easily ended in a tragic manner.
  • No man can rudely snatch from his neck the arm of the lady who has just saved him from a harrowing death.
  • The harrowing tales that the men were telling of winter storms and narrow escapes from wild animals had no terror for him.
  • She saw him a wreck of a human being with only his eyes alive, regarding her in harrowing wonder and reproach.
  • After spading or plowing the next operation in the preparation of the soil is generally raking, harrowing or dragging.
  • He felt that should it be unfavourable he could hardly face it then, and even the harrowing uncertainty was better than a negative.
  • If washing is to be apprehended, then sow the ground thickly with rye, harrowing in the seed only roughly.
  • Fall harrowing and deep spring plowing will prevent many of the bugs and beetles which spend the larval state in the ground from hatching.
  • The guide gave us a harrowing description of the swelling of their bodies, and the various agonies of their slow death.
  • The Allied navies were harrowing the submarines not only under the water and on the surface, but from the air.
  • Somehow they are not so harrowing as the wounded British, perhaps because of the block in language and the weirdness of them.
  • With a harrowing sense of helplessness, the realization of what I had thrown away of life swept over me.
  • It either spelled retreat in a harrowing dawn with the marshal and Silas at his heels or a temporary sojourn in a village jail.
  • Finally, he would give utterance to harrowing aspirations for happiness, and it seemed to me he ought yet to be happy; but what was the obstacle?
  • He heard the frog music swelling outside, a harrowing reminder of ultimate blasphemous insult, and he felt the futility of argument.
  • They passed rice-fields, some covered with water and others more or less dry, which sturdy peasants were busy harrowing with buffaloes.
  • Some delight in harrowing tales of fiction: here are scenes indicated, if not absolutely depicted, which may exercise the tenderest sympathies.
  • He drew upon his imagination for scenes between Madeleine and the doctor, of whose misery he gave a harrowing picture.
  • He regretted that instant of anger as a profanation that even his harrowing fears for Elva Barrett could not excuse.
  • A United States senator whose election had been questioned gave in his defense a full and harrowing account of the struggles of his boyhood.
  • But her lingering feeling for her husband, her own mortification, were as nothing compared with the harrowing anxiety she now entertained for her daughter.
  • It was a great thing for Fleeming to make, even thus late, the acquaintance of his father; but the harrowing pathos of such scenes consumed him.
  • A rash experiment, perhaps, but it didn't prove so harrowing as I feared; and there's some satisfaction in having no debts.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Harrowing | Harrowing Sentence

  • There was no harrowing death scene.
  • The harrowing ceremonial of parting is ended.
  • The Harrowing of Hell.
  • These are the vampires of which many harrowing tales are told.
  • The air had darkened while the old man related this harrowing tale.
  • It was a time of harrowing suspense, the iron entering into his very soul.
  • I remember," and I shuddered at the thought of my harrowing adventures.
  • The three months that followed were the most harrowing of McGuffey's life.

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