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  • Them he addressed with harsh and wrathful words.
  • His voice rose to a harsh scream.
  • The harsh restriction brings about its own undoing.
  • And from first to last never a harsh or complaining word.
  • They were not very harsh affairs, these little estimates.
  • Its clang in the frosty air sounded harsh and unnatural.
  • They seemed at times to prefer things harsh and ugly.
  • Yes, that was the bell, with its harsh sound.
  • The day had been as harsh as a shining, splintery plank.
  • With Iemon no harsh measures are adopted.
  • Religion among the Pilgrim fathers was a harsh thing.
  • Life was harsh and stirring and this note was echoed in all the literature.
  • He gave vent to a short harsh laugh, as though discrediting my statements.
  • Out in the hall, a moment later, they heard a harsh voice of command.
  • The only answer Lumley vouchsafed to that was a harsh mocking laugh.
  • Azalie, her harsh face grown amazingly soft, stood laden with blankets.
  • A father's a father, but he hadn't ought to act harsh to his children.
  • The old window-curtains, whose harsh green age had not softened, were drawn.
  • When she accused him of foully destroying her, I returned her no harsh words.
  • Marie galante is a harsh cotton of the Peruvian or Brazilian type.
  • Subduing his rage, Garrofat asked in harsh tones, "How now?
  • Beat flight as that fell strain falls harsh on Beauty's ears.
  • A moment before the young man had thought the Governor's face harsh and ugly.

How To Use Harsh In A Sentence?

  • You envisage an entirely reasonable existence as a harsh and callous existence.
  • And yet, before this time, he had occasionally given the boy harsh words and looks....
  • Overland Red, a harsh note in the somnolence of the place, stepped buoyantly across the square.
  • Is there no harsh remark forthcoming as to one who holds illicit intercourse with the husband of another?
  • It is unfortunately all too common to give hasty and harsh expression to personal opinions and criticisms.
  • So he was filled with doubt and perplexity, and this betrayed itself in gloomy looks and in harsh speech.
  • Far away the harsh and desolate mountains raising their scarped and denuded ridges seemed to wait for him menacingly.
  • Instantly his exhaust changed from its deep grumble to a harsh bark, and his machine leaped forward.
  • Waters containing compounds of calcium and magnesium in solution are called hard waters because they feel harsh to the touch.
  • Nothing can appear more harsh and unjust than this mode of procedure to those who would apply the ideas and maxims of the present to former times.
  • I had left my grandfather unimpaired, and it was well-nigh impossible to figure that harsh and domineering spirit in decay.
  • Though so fearless herself she was never harsh to those who feared, and the appeal of the Duchesse touched her.
  • He broke into a harsh laugh, and with a sweep of one hand on the sand, he destroyed the rough chart he had made.
  • In place of martial airs and musical utterance, there rose upon the ear a strange din of harsh gutturals and singular sibilation.
  • At these words, the first harsh ones she had ever heard from him, her nerves gave way, and she burst into tears.
  • Mephistopheles is the medieval devil, harsh and grim and fierce, bent on seduction, without any comprehension of human aspirations.
  • He listened to their harsh voices with a shudder, and hastily struck away to the left, where a low ridge crossed the plain and hid what lay beyond.

Definition of Harsh

Unpleasantly rough to the touch or other senses. | Severe or cruel. | (intransitive, slang) To negatively criticize.
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