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  • And he chuckled harshly to himself.
  • It grated harshly on her ears.
  • Chatterton said harshly to the groom.
  • Rutted paths answer harshly to the step.
  • I laughed harshly to hide my dismay.
  • Why did her husband speak harshly to the poor miner?
  • History seems to bear very harshly upon women.
  • She tried, harshly and cruelly, to break from him.
  • Do not speak so harshly to me, Karen.
  • Yet I have never heard him speak harshly of them.
  • Robert Grant Burns turned harshly to the two women.
  • Gottlieb drew me back into the shadow and whispered harshly in my ear.
  • I find much timidity in children, as if they had been harshly dealt with.
  • There came the noise of chair legs scraped harshly on the cabin deck.
  • She, however, treated him so harshly that he dared not live there altogether.
  • He liked joking harshly with Kurt and with the rest of the truck drivers.
  • Charlie looked up at Bill, and his voice became harshly commanding.
  • I don't like being told that I'm dealing harshly with my children.
  • The words echoed harshly in his ears; and at first Brian refused to hear them.
  • I have spoken unkindly--very harshly and cruelly to-day.
  • Somehow his words seemed to rattle harshly against Jerry's ears.

How To Use Harshly In A Sentence?

  • But the archbishop had no intent to deal harshly with his illustrious penitent.
  • Yet these are the very people who may jostle us harshly later on in the racial struggle.
  • I only remember that he interrupted me, harshly and abruptly, as he rose to go.
  • We may regret what followed, but no one would judge harshly the actions of an agonised woman.
  • She wondered what it was that had taken possession of Max to induce him to talk so harshly to her.
  • So he spoke harshly of Sir Walter, and pretended that he had sung abominably at the trial meeting.
  • The next morning the child looked pale and wan, and Aunt Maria asked harshly if she were sick.
  • Like untun'd golden strings all women are, Which long time lie untouch'd, will harshly jar.
  • No longer the birds of heaven salute you with melody, but the jay harshly upbraids you from the edge of the copse.
  • If we children spoke to the slaves harshly or disregarded their feelings, we were promptly checked and reprimanded by our parents.
  • His tone had gone from him, and he told her harshly and brutally, so that she started away with a horrified cry.
  • Every father is invested with the right to control his family; but he has no right to treat any member of his family harshly or unkindly.
  • It is a clever brain, however, and his satirical poems are harshly entertaining and will infuriate the right people.
  • A solemn silence fell on the little party on the deck of the ocean steamer, broken harshly by the hoarse roar of the fog-horn.
  • All that is a little harshly claimed by progressive parties, may easily come to be conceded without question, if this rule be observed.
  • The curious phrases of the Irish sounded harshly upon my ear, probably, because they were strange to me.
  • Sensitiveness exists in the Japanese to an extent never supposed by the foreigners who treat them harshly at the open ports....
  • If I had been ever so harshly inclined toward you, I should have been won by his intercession in your behalf.
  • So while there was still a third of the night unspent, Thorstein aroused his guests and bade them begone, urging them harshly to bestir themselves.

Definition of Harshly

In a harsh manner; severely.
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