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  • That he was vehement to express annoyance has appeared frequently in these pages.
  • What are the forms in which it has appeared, and what the ground on which it rests?
  • The papers say he has been bowed to by whole orchestras when he has appeared at the play-houses.
  • Sensation has appeared to us the indispensable condition, but not the foundation of knowledge.
  • Her work has appeared in virtually every science fiction magazine on the market.
  • A mysterious stranger has appeared in the village; a group of people talk about him.
  • Even after a universal faith has appeared, religion does not cease to be a national thing.
  • It seems so to us, and so it has appeared to us from the very first day onwards.
  • The most simple worship has appeared to them the best, for a series of forty centuries.
  • William: at the very outset of your career as my father, a rival has appeared on the scene.
  • My poor wife is again dangerously ill, and as yet no sign of any favourable kind has appeared.
  • But in our time, the paradoxer, the opponent of common opinion, has appeared in this field.
  • It is now many years since our little friend Rollo has appeared between the covers of a book.
  • Be not surprised and alarmed that now has appeared of a sudden, What thou hast wished for so long.
  • Since then she has appeared in all parts of the United States with unvarying success.
  • A new opposition has appeared, a combination headed by your former friend, Waltham.
  • He has appeared with immense success in concert and oratorio in all parts of the United States.

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  • The first part only has appeared.
  • No better book has appeared this season.
  • Nothing more charming has appeared in recent literature.
  • It has appeared among us but lately.
  • Half-way down to the village a new settler has appeared.
  • John Gibbins has appeared to us!
  • The Mahdi has appeared to him in a dream.
  • Yes, Walt Whitman has appeared.
  • Has appeared in various competitions since early in 1911.
  • Here and there in the country districts a new type of pastor has appeared.
  • The autumnal brood of females has appeared, and this is their marriage day.
  • Up to the present time social work has appeared to many persons to be a fad.
  • At various times he has appeared on earth, under various names.
  • I want a hero, and up to the present no hero has appeared on the scene.
  • I hope nothing of this kind has appeared," he answered.
  • I begin to think the Demoiselle has appeared amongst you again.
  • Of the escort promised to the Agha not one man has appeared.
  • It is one of the best novels of the West that has appeared for years.
  • Now and then a man of genius, of sense, of intellectual honesty, has appeared.
  • She was a special pupil of Busoni and has appeared in many noteworthy recitals.
  • We told you last week of the new volcano which has appeared in Mexico.
  • All day long, the sky, of a uniform grey, has appeared to be brewing a storm.
  • The Christian says, that he has appeared in the person of Jesus of Nazareth.
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