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  • Your test has demonstrated the Truth.
  • One preacher has demonstrated that it was Louis XIV.
  • Science has demonstrated the fact that our globe is of a very great age.
  • Experience has demonstrated a better way which is now universally followed.
  • It has demonstrated the necessity for the evolution of the co-operative farm.
  • A good Catholic has demonstrated that it was William, king of England.

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  • Huber has demonstrated its exceeding acuteness, by numerous interesting experiments.
  • This upper class of southern negroes has demonstrated full ability to take care of itself.
  • Experience has demonstrated, however, that it is better to make the circuit as herein outlined.
  • After experience, I need scarcely say, has demonstrated the contrary to be much nearer the truth.
  • He has demonstrated that the sphere of duty does not terminate with ourselves and our next-door neighbours.
  • Science has demonstrated the fact that there are very few cells in the body today that were there twelve months ago.
  • My own feeling is that she has demonstrated the extreme risk of confiding great political decisions to military advisers.
  • My mother's life has demonstrated this to me with beautiful clearness, hence my understanding.
  • That race has demonstrated the quasi-omnipotence of organized labour, and has thereby itself become almost omnipotent.
  • Professor Crookes has demonstrated that matter has properties unknown to the present race of philosophers.
  • The experience of these later years has demonstrated the value of such legacies even when unintentional, unselected, and wretchedly fragmentary.
  • Stoicism indeed pretended to be pantheistic, and Wordsworth has demonstrated the value to romanticism of that attitude.
  • By the way, Kant has demonstrated that the truth in general is as much a matter of experience as the brain with which we search for it.
  • In his Lady in a Vestibule he has demonstrated his knowledge of perspective, of which he was very proud.
  • Whenever judicial authority has determined in this way, experience has demonstrated that great progress follows in favor of the Catholic faith.
  • I ask myself, Why should America be an exception to the uniform fate of nations, as history has demonstrated?
  • M. Tamman has demonstrated that amorphous solids may very well, in fact, be regarded as superposed liquids endowed with very great viscosity.
  • Science has demonstrated that in all rude races the size and weight of the brain differ far less according to sex than is the case in civilized nations.
  • If the result of the analysis has demonstrated that there is no satisfactory course of action, this fact is here stated, with a notation as to the reasons for such opinion.
  • Comprises practical hand-books for the horticulturist, explaining and illustrating in detail the various important methods which experience has demonstrated to be the most satisfactory.
  • This view was formerly supported by the author but the chloramine treatment at Ottawa and other places has demonstrated the inadequacy of this explanation.
  • There is one department store which has demonstrated that it is profitable to pay higher wages than its competitors, and that it pays to allow the employees to fix the terms of their own employment.
  • Salomon Reinach has demonstrated that the naked figure is not the goddess herself, but a statue of the goddess which was adored in one of the temples.
  • In toxic doses experiment has demonstrated that it kills animals by suspension of the respiratory movements and those of the heart, which at first beats faster but gradually more slowly.
  • Ludwig Feuerbach has demonstrated that even the concepts of God and immortality are reflections of real objects which can be perceived by the senses.
  • The man who, at the expense of much time and trouble, has demonstrated the truth of these axioms is Mr. Malcolm, of Birmingham.
  • Experience has demonstrated that where the larger lumber is cut off close on the Sierran slopes of the Tahoe region the low bushy chaparral at once takes full possession.
  • Now the war has demonstrated the judicial incongruity of a Turkish province in which and for which the English had to carry out warlike operations against Turkey.
  • As for the Ambassador, he has demonstrated, to my way of thinking, that a graduate course in the university of American politics is ideal training for diplomacy.
  • In the logic of the narrow-minded, all animal species are widely separated, without any living interconnection, while Darwin has demonstrated the uniform process, the intermingling life in multiform creation.
  • In the scenes of the Creation, depicted on the first pier, Maitani has proved himself a real nature lover in the tender way he has demonstrated the joy of the birds at finding the use of their wings.
  • Scott has maintained that by adding the powdered seed to a mixture of malt and starch, fermentation is impeded; but Dr. Villy in the laboratory of Dujardin-Beaumetz has demonstrated that such is not the case.
  • Experience has demonstrated that the two businesses are not competitive, but supplement each other.
  • It is there that, without need of forms or categories of which criticism has demonstrated the fallacy, the subject grasps itself not only in its phenomena but in its being, and determines itself in conformity to an end.
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