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  • But one fact has emerged with startling clearness.
  • Jerry Boyle has emerged from the shadow.
  • No wonder only the fighting type of labor leader has emerged.
  • A spirit may choose to return to the slime from which it has emerged.
  • Joyous London that has emerged from fogs and basks beneath blue skies!

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  • Humanity has emerged from its former degrees of limitation and preliminary training.
  • It remains intact after opening, except in front, where the adult insect has emerged.
  • Once a people has emerged above the barbaric stage to a national consciousness, that consciousness will endure.
  • Out of the darkness of the past the stream of history, very narrow and shallow at first, has emerged and steadily expanded and deepened.
  • In this way matter has emerged as being the metaphysical substratum of its properties, and the course of nature is interpreted as the history of matter.
  • But one purely modern man has emerged in the strictly modern decades who does carry into our world the clear personal simplicity of the old world of science.
  • Slowly has the New south been disentangling herself from the debris of the Old, and she has emerged far enough to enable us to perceive that a better era has commenced.
  • I wonder if, in the midst of the stammered and blurted incoherences, the lapses and levities, of this quaint book, a sort of "orientation," as the theologians say now, has emerged at all?
  • These have remained in their pristine beauty since she has emerged from her age-long retirement into a more influential sphere; in truth they have been strengthened and made more impressive by the fuller development of her nature.
  • He has emerged from the mists of tradition, from the sanctimonious wrappings in which the early biographers disguised him, has softened and broadened into the most human of men, and has won our love as well as our veneration.
  • He has emerged from the crowd, and though it may be but for a moment, can assert his individuality.
  • Hence, when at a late period the distinction between religion and superstition has emerged, we find that sacrifice and prayer are the resource of the pious and enlightened portion of the community, while magic is the refuge of the superstitious and ignorant.
  • The spirit having come thus far, it is not possible to believe that it can ever permanently revert to the conditions from which it has emerged; neither can we believe that it will fail of reaching that development of which its every power and faculty is so distinct a prophecy.
  • It is not, however, a case of repetition without beginning or end; but man has emerged out of other forms of existence and passed into those which run their course in the manner just described, and he will again in the future pass into other forms.
  • Little by little he has emerged from that theological age, to enter the humanistic age, when, being fully conscious of being the author of his work, he labors freely, changes and modifies according to his own inspiration.
  • Still, on the actual site of the cells, the coupling is generally performed at the entrance to the galleries of the Anthophorae; and then neither of the sexes drags about with it the least shred of the shell from which it has emerged.
  • It is only in recent years that Labour has emerged as a separate party from the huge hospitable caravanserai of Liberalism, and there is still a very marked tendency to step back again into that multitudinous assemblage.
  • We are thus faced in Europe with the spectacle of an extraordinary weakness on the part of the great capitalist class, which has emerged from the industrial triumphs of the nineteenth century, and seemed a very few years ago our all-powerful master.
  • Man, a wild beast, cousin of the gorilla, has emerged from the profound darkness of animal instinct into the light of the mind, which explains in a wholly natural way all his past mistakes and partially consoles us for his present errors.
  • When a queen has emerged in the natural way from her cell, the bees usually nibble away the now useless abode, until only a small acorn cup remains; but when by violence she has met with an untimely end, they take down entirely the whole of the cell.
  • The young queen is supplying with thousands of worker-eggs, the cells from which the brood has emerged, and also the new ones built by the bees, and the new colony will soon be one of the best stock hives in the Apiary.
  • Now the carriage has emerged from the dark alley, and entered the dirty but somewhat less dark piazza--the market-place of Corellia.
  • But out of all the controversy there has emerged at least one plain probability--that there is no such thing as simple transference of external reality into artistic form.
  • For one thing, Helen, in her thorough process of rehabilitation, has emerged that most insipid of fancies, a perfectly beautiful and blameless heroine with no character except love of her husband, whom, by the way, she has not seen for seventeen years.
  • We see that consciousness does stand in relief against the background of natural life; but though we believe that, as it exists in us, it has emerged from that background, we cannot see it emerge; it is an ultimate fact, and is assumed in all that we can ever regard as its physical antecedents and presuppositions.
  • Don't tell me they are ridiculous and disgusting; they become glorious as proofs that the savage has emerged out of the first brute-like egotism, and attached price to the praise which men never give except for works that secure or advance their welfare.
  • As against Spinozism, again, it is to be noted that the mind in the judgment by which it "constitutes" itself an ego (a free subject contrasted with its qualitative affection) has emerged from substance, and that the philosophy, which gives this judgment as the absolute characteristic of mind, has emerged from Spinozism.
  • It has taken long ages of toilsome and often fruitless labor to enable man to look steadily at the shifting scenes of the phantasmagoria of Nature, to notice what is fixed among her fluctuations, and what is regular among her apparent irregularities; and it is only comparatively lately, within the last few centuries, that the conception of a universal order and of a definite course of things, which we term the course of Nature, has emerged.
  • The brown faces raised imploringly to the presiding deity, a leering demon with green face and yellow body, inspire the hope that the grotesque monster may prove his own unreality by vanishing from the hearts of his devotees into the limbo of nightmares from which he has emerged, for the philosophic quietism of Buddhist creed offers no disguise to the horrors of a hell far surpassing the terrific literalism of Dante's Inferno.
  • Since humanity has emerged from the darkness of unconsciousness and the individual from the darkness of the womb, it is consistent with nature that in a man's creative development--the route of which lies between dark and dark--the use of black should be his first instinct.
  • We can see what, in a general way, so far as regards the transformation of the fundamental motives of life, the order of development has been--how the original and basic desires or instincts have become merged and confused in the more general desires and moods, how the motive of power has emerged, finding so varied expression as we see in the whole movement of art and play in the world, how out of these motives of art and play more controlled enthusiasms have arisen.
  • The most important advance consists in the now awakened _understanding of spoken words_. The ability to learn, or the capability of being trained, has emerged almost as if it had come in a night.
  • Without doubt, cruel methods, for which, however, the Friars were not responsible, were in vogue in dealing with defaulters, as we may see in Dean Worcester's lately published work on the Philippines; but it is nothing less than downright hypocrisy to raise a chorus of condemnation against the Spaniard on this score, when it is well known that no other nation, in trying to solve the eternal difficulty about the taxation of colored and subject races, has emerged from the conflict with clean hands.
  • while here and there the gleam of the River Earn betrays her course, where she has emerged from sombre wood, or deep and rocky gorge.
  • a voice on high, like that of a muezzin from the summit of a mosque, announcing that some chimney-sweeper has emerged from smoke and soot and darksome caverns into the upper air.
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