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  • Getanittowit has helped me.
  • Nothing has helped me to grow up.
  • My answer has helped.
  • Your blood has helped.
  • She has helped thousands of women.
  • And now your friendship has helped him to success.
  • He has helped you gain your wealth.
  • In one way it has helped you.
  • Who has helped to uphold the dignity of your land?
  • He has helped me, saved me.
  • It has helped to make my pitching wild at times.
  • It has helped me; perhaps it will help you.
  • It has helped sustain me in the hour of fearful trial.
  • It has helped me more than I can say.
  • Mr. Huntington has helped me to understand.
  • To-day the Lord has helped still more abundantly.
  • He has helped me to bear the troubles which He sent.
  • Thanks to the Lord who has helped us this day also!
  • The country merchant has helped to keep the South poor.
  • Miss I Can has helped you to do has been an overcome.
  • Do you think, Mrs. Harris, education has helped our race?
  • Nothing has helped them more to retain their self-consciousness as a nation.
  • Everything that has so far been done has helped to restrict that view.
  • Should a man be given an office simply because he has helped his party?
  • Well, it has helped the undertaker, the jail and the poorhouse.
  • Yes, your nimble wit has helped you out of many a tight corner.
  • If he did make me lose the game, he has helped to keep another from winning it.
  • Who has helped to fill your coffers, public and private, with wealth?
  • But here, too, if all signs are not deceiving, war has helped us to awake.
  • It has helped the morale of the four Negro regiments beyond words.
  • Sister Belskaya speaks every language and has helped me a great deal.
  • But the Lord has helped us, and enabled us to meet all demands.
  • I know both now, thank God, and learning each has helped me to learn the other.

How To Use Has Helped In A Sentence?

  • The use of this principle has helped me amazingly to conquer many knotty passages.
  • He has written a book of theories, but it has helped him little in his artistic achievements.
  • I went through to-day has helped to make a more sober, more determined man of me.
  • I am as the scholar in the old myth, deserted by the power which has helped, me hitherto.
  • She admires my work tremendously; most women do, and she has helped me work the theories out.
  • I am glad to have known both; each has helped me, and each will be remembered while I live.
  • I have told Cousin Henry everything about the past and he has helped me plan for the future.
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