Has Passed In A Sentence

How To Use Has Passed In A Sentence?

  • Target has passed critical planetary curvature.
  • They maintain a bashful silence until he has passed.
  • All this state of things has passed away.
  • What a martyrdom of silent agony she has passed through!
  • A brief interval of rest has passed.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Has Passed | Has Passed Sentence

  • Think of what has passed before it.
  • Ask her what has passed?
  • How can she after all that has passed?
  • Eternity has passed on.
  • I know all that has passed!
  • But all that has passed out of my control.
  • He has passed from our view.
  • The afternoon has passed.
  • But that period has passed.
  • Tell me what has passed during the night.
  • That hour has passed.
  • Death has passed us by.
  • Remain below in them until the storm has passed.
  • The time has passed very rapidly.
  • An hour or two has passed.
  • Whatever it is has passed away again for they were smiling.
  • A generation has passed since then.
  • The rage of war has passed it by.
  • He has passed put of your sight.
  • The period of ignorance has passed.
  • Would you wish me not to be altered after what has passed?
  • Heat has passed from our hand into the ice.
  • He feels that a crisis has passed.
  • But the day of generation with them has passed.
  • I am speaking now of a time that has passed.
  • His name has passed out of my memory.
  • Consciousness has passed into self-consciousness.
  • The time has passed in a whirl.
  • Many a kind letter has passed between them.
  • It expresses something that has passed.
  • All the transaction has passed through our hands.
  • You know that the time for insolence has passed.
  • It has passed through various shades of meaning.
  • The time has passed when she would have married me.
  • But you will think better of it before a week has passed.
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