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  • Do not judge me hastily in this.
  • The clerk hastily withdrew.
  • Joan hastily abandoned comparisons.
  • I myself hastily swallowed a few mouthfuls in the kitchen.
  • I took the sheet and hastily glanced over it.
  • He declined hastily and got away.
  • Gray stepped hastily out and carefully examined the ground.
  • Her hastily levied army presented a formidable force.
  • Joan moved hastily out of earshot, leaving the pair to reminiscence.
  • He walked hastily a step or two towards the house, and then turned back.
  • One after another, by twos and threes, the lynchers melted hastily away.
  • Yet his gait was so unsteady that I hastily sprang forward to support him.
  • In the Balkan War, 1912-13, Bulgaria hastily organised an aviation corps.
  • Mark hastily glanced them over and said, "It's all right.

How To Use Hastily In A Sentence?

  • They were awakened punctually the next morning, and tumbled hastily into their clothes.
  • Frank hastily thrust the note into his pocket after reading it, and hurried home.
  • So saying, she hastily threw her handkerchief over her head and left the cottage.
  • She gave a little whimper, and then, as if not trusting herself further, walked hastily away.
  • As I hastily drew out my night-key I noticed that the door, contrary to custom, stood half open.
  • He had smelt what was in the wind, and hastily shuffling on his little garments was following the girls.
  • He hastily constructed some out of old river steamboats, converting them into engines of destruction.
  • He hastily threw aside the old tattered blanket, hurried himself into his clothes and went to the door of the cabin.
  • His eyes had been upon her most of the evening, removing themselves hastily whenever they caught hers; but he did not wish to intrude.
  • But he hastily shook himself free, as she laid a hand on his arm, and advanced a step toward his brother.
  • With these words the two shapes glided hastily out of the cavern, and vanished in different directions among the thickets of the wood.
  • I turned hastily round, and beheld a very old companion in many a hard-fought field and merry bivouack.
  • I hastily pocketed a pincushion of red cloth, worked with yellow silk spots, in the likeness of a strawberry.
  • A team was hauled up on its haunches by the frightened driver; an automobile drew so hastily to one side that two wheels went into the ditch.
  • They were coming briskly toward her and she hastily turned on a sudden impulse and crossed the Square in the opposite direction.
  • They followed the trail that was hastily marked by Boyce, who was far ahead by the time that they started.
  • All made their way back as hastily as possible through the window, and separated to their several homes, only too glad to have escaped detection.
  • As the light troops, however, hastily fell back, they caused a slight dismay among their supporters.
  • He was to start by an early train, so, hastily dressing himself, and having breakfasted, he came to say farewell to his master.
  • But it proved to be another man, and Joan mingled hastily in the crowd, relieved that they had not noticed her.
  • She picked up the trembling flower, and hastily covering her head with a shawl, prepared to accompany Rica.
  • Thus she hastily spoke, and up from the stone then arising, Drew from his seat her son, who willingly followed.
  • Some more shots were fired, and then the Indians began hastily to throw the fish, with which their canoes were laden, into the water.
  • Thus she spoke and back to the door she hastily turned her, Still bearing under her arm, as she with her had brought it, her bundle.
  • Keeping their onward way, the others drove hastily by them, Each thinking only of self, and carried away by the current.
  • A second glance, however, as Bert waved his hand in friendly fashion, disarmed them and they came hastily forward.

Definition of Hastily

In a hasty manner; quickly, hurriedly. | (obsolete) Soon, shortly.
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