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  • Hence the hatred of these people.
  • What accident has drawn her hatred on me.
  • I feel a sort of hatred in my heart.
  • All this inspired me with hatred for this paltry despot.
  • Oh, what hatred will this shameless violence kindle!
  • He hates nobody, because hatred disturbs sleep and rest.
  • He hates Sinclair with a deadly hatred for some reason.
  • Their Hatred to one another, 127.
  • What produced in Tag-rag this hatred of Titmouse?
  • I still remember the hatred and disgust of these catastrophes.
  • By such ingratitude you will incur the hatred of all impartial persons.
  • Our love and our hatred have always been that of true relatives.
  • Its hatred is become full-grown, robust, vigorous with the advancing years.
  • She was still hating Val with a fierce hatred and had no desire to see her.
  • Party hatred now rivalled that between revolutionary Whigs and Tories.
  • Their hatred for Perfidious Albion has long been vigorous and purposeful.
  • At present the only safety of Spain is the old national hatred to the French.
  • And Hatred followed after, Shrilling madly down the breeze.

How To Use Hatred In A Sentence?

  • No man can be a friend to a tempered monarchy who bears a decided hatred to monarchy itself.
  • They had only one clear and unmistakable hatred about them, and that was the hatred of work.
  • The man was scrambling to his feet, glaring an eternity of hatred at his white victor.
  • It was her hatred of wrong, her sense of justice, that had made her heart so bitter.
  • And now a few words with respect to the motives of the writer for expressing a hatred for Rome.
  • The Albanians are a nation of clans, implacable in their hatred and constant in their friendships.
  • Now the Government inherits all this hatred by proposing to be the sole landlord in Ireland.
  • With their reputation for cruelty and hatred of white men it would be worse than useless to appeal to them.
  • Perhaps it was that rooted hatred a boxer instinctively acquires of anything in the shape of unfair play that influenced him.
  • She dashed the letter into the fire, and an intense hatred of them both pierced her heart and brain.
  • Between the brother and sister a cordial hatred had existed, and they had not seen one another for years.
  • Fitzroy was master of the secret that festered near my heart; the increased and increasing hatred towards my uncle.
  • Wounded vanity naturally led me to cherish a secret, but all the more bitter, hatred of the new guest.
  • Saladin, who bore a particular hatred to the spiritual knights, would spare them on no condition but that of their renouncing their faith.
  • He had never treated her as though she were his sister, and as each day his abuse of her grew more and more severe, her hatred increased.
  • There is a horrible, eternal cloud of hatred which it will take generations to get rid of, if ever it disappears.
  • With hatred consuming him, he nevertheless, like a true bibliophile, received from his enemy the book.
  • Such love and hatred seek no mortal thing but their own infinity, and such love and hatred soon become love and hatred of the idea.
  • Then, after one last look of hatred and loathing at the dead man, he moved away and vanished among the trees.
  • Only in one respect did she never vary by a hair's breadth: this was her hatred of Louise's husband.
  • The look of hatred on his face made Harry shiver, but he knew how he felt; so had he felt when he saw his father lying dead before him.
  • With all of its hatred against the property at one time and another, the North Country cherished a real affection for the name.

Definition of Hatred

Strong aversion; intense dislike
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