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  • I have every right to.
  • You seemed to have every virtue.
  • For such a task you have every qualification.
  • You are to have every advantage that is possible.
  • I have every disposition to serve you.
  • He should have every opportunity for repentance.
  • I will have every hair of it off before morning.
  • In this we have every element of a lawsuit.
  • I have every device for hiding.
  • We have every advantage in the world.
  • We have every reason in the world to be happy.
  • He should have every facility for weighing and measuring.
  • But the deed must have every appearance of reality.
  • I have every reason to believe in his complete sanity.
  • I would have every one adopt his own method in the matter.
  • Ramsay I have every confidence in.
  • You can have every confidence in Basil.
  • And I have every confidence that you will do it.
  • Meanwhile I have every intention of amusing myself.
  • We, in our great country, have every sort of tradition.
  • That he regarded me as such I have every reason to believe.
  • Lige, I want that girl to have every advantage.
  • You shall have every dollar that belongs to you, Ernest.
  • You may have every confidence in Dr. Jameson.
  • I believe that they ought to have every possible protection.
  • The girl should have every penny that he had promised her brother!
  • If you did not do this you would soon have every one of them loose again.
  • A little girl like you ought to have every enjoyment there is.
  • We have every reason to believe that not one of them enjoys this advantage.
  • Those wishing to leave will have every facility with respect to their property.
  • I think you have every reason to be satisfied with her tone of mind.
  • I have every reason now to know that she thought me an odious person.
  • We hope for the victory, for we have every historical right to it.
  • We have every reason for confidence; we have none for complacency.
  • We still retain the carriage and have every prospect of dragging it on with us.
  • You shall have every thing you can want, besides your allowance.
  • We would have every path laid open to women as freely as to man.

How To Use Have Every In A Sentence?

  • I would be far better to go on to where we should have every chance of finding it.
  • Nowadays when small-pox occurs so seldom is it necessary to have every child vaccinated?
  • But we have every gradation of sexual colours from total dissimilarity to perfect identity.
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