Have Fought In A Sentence

How To Use Have Fought In A Sentence?

  • You and I have fought shoulder to shoulder.
  • They have fought many Battles and bled freely.
  • He ought to have fought in Milan to his last battalion.
  • You have fought nobly for us, and I thank you.
  • In fact, I feel proud to have fought alongside of you.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Have Fought | Have Fought Sentence

  • I have fought by myself.
  • I have fought with them.
  • They have fought their battle.
  • I have fought too often!
  • I have fought by my own hand.
  • Altogether we must have fought for over an hour.
  • The very stars seemed to have fought for him.
  • I have fought them and fought them bravely.
  • I have fought my last fight.
  • I have fought fire in the forest.
  • You have fought like a hero.
  • I have fought them for twenty years.
  • Our adversaries have fought bravely.
  • I have fought the men four times.
  • I ought to have fought if there were no one else.
  • Still a man of courage would have fought.
  • He could never have fought as he did with that behind him.
  • Would he have fought for a purse of forty thousand dollars?
  • I have fought and slain an otter single-handed.
  • We have fought against saying it, but now it is said.
  • The women who are at the front have fought like the men.
  • In other words, you have fought a duel.
  • No other beast in the world would have fought so long.
  • I have fought it, and have often been worsted.
  • Well, we have fought the good fight.
  • Strong enough to have fought for his wife, he sold her.
  • I made my war on kings and would have fought the skies.
  • You have fought like tigers, but in a bad cause.
  • I have fought it, defied it, ignored it.
  • We are at war, and both sides have fought a loyal fight.
  • Shoulder to shoulder they have fought for France.
  • He should have fought every inch of the way....
  • I have fought with him, been beaten, and run away.
  • Some here have fought in fifty battles for Mexico.
  • We have fought long enough; let us make peace.
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