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  • The time you have spent on it!
  • I have spent years there.
  • I have spent considerable time with him.
  • I have spent a delightful evening.
  • I have spent weeks in the mountains.
  • We should not have spent that money yesterday.
  • We have spent the day in scouting the country.
  • I have spent the day in a long stroll.
  • I have spent the happiest year of my life here.
  • North, you have spent your millions!
  • Mother and father have spent a week with us.
  • I have spent my strength very much in these things.
  • We have spent enough time on this matter.
  • You must have spent a great deal of money here.
  • I have spent hours in silence making up my mind.
  • We have spent a lot of it, already.
  • Lord, what a night you must have spent!
  • Would you like to hear how you have spent the last month?
  • Out of a smaller fortune they have spent a larger sum.
  • I, who have spent thirty years amongst them.
  • I have spent a great deal of time to tell of my ride.
  • I have spent ten years in collecting facts which prove it.
  • I have spent enough money as it is....
  • I have spent hours looking for him, yet never found him.
  • And I have spent my life for it.
  • And I have spent a good deal on him too.
  • I have spent the whole day in a Paris mob.
  • Well, yes, he must have spent it, for it is gone.
  • I am afraid I have spent a deal of money.
  • Altogether I have spent many hours alone with him.
  • During the last five and half years they have spent Rds.
  • I have spent my last day in Venice in visiting churches.
  • But I have spent my time pleasantly, reading and writing.
  • We have spent our time in the states of Mo. and Arks.
  • What is that compared to the years we have spent together?
  • Hundreds have spent fortunes upon charlatans in the attempt.
  • Two thousand florins is the least we have spent in that way.
  • The only thing he ever stole was the time he should have spent in working.

How To Use Have Spent In A Sentence?

  • How could they have spent the money in their own village without betraying themselves?
  • Statesmen and warriors and poets have spent their strength in no better cause than this.
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