Havens In A Sentence

How To Use Havens In A Sentence?

  • In the twilight they have lifted vagrant anchors and they will moor in strange havens at the dawn.
  • In alle havens was na het uitbreken van den oorlog een oogenblik van stilstand.
  • Whilst the full Havens thick beset, Doe furiously with fierce contention fret.
  • Brooks gave his remaining samples to Stuart, while poor Havens went to play B flat in prison.
  • Probably some business annoyance that could not be remedied had arisen; or possibly Havens had given notice.
  • Mrs. Havens was here last summer to visit them, and those aristocratic Merediths are warm friends of theirs.
  • Port Havannah is een der beste havens van de groep, omdat er veel ruimte is, en men niet door koraalriffen wordt gehinderd.
  • It was through his vigilance that Stephen had more than once been brought to justice and in the punishment that followed Havens had exulted without restraint.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Havens | Havens Sentence

  • The havens were empty.
  • The need for those small havens is lifelong.
  • He and Havens had never been friends.
  • Dreng paa Ryggen ned ad Havens Gange.
  • Let them publish my identity, and a hundred havens would be offered.
  • Vaartuigen als de hier bedoelde hebben Nederlandsche havens niet aangedaan.
  • The fleet of the Barbarians was advancing from the havens of Athens.

Definition of Havens

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of haven
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