Hawk In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Hawk | Hawk Sentence

  • By the hawk frighted.
  • He was a hawk and a spider.
  • The hawk soared high above.
  • A fox and a hawk came to her.
  • Hendrika had been watching like a hawk for this.
  • Just then this hawk alighted on the same tree.
  • The hawk escaped from the cage!
  • The hawk screamed joy.
  • But my poor hawk hath only wings.
  • A foraging hawk had just flown overhead.
  • The hawk at once shifted front to face him.
  • The hawk and the dove share not the same nest!
  • Overhead a hawk dipped in its reeling flight.
  • I know a hawk from a hand-saw.
  • The hawk came back with a loosened tooth.
  • The lure whereat the soaring hawk did strike.
  • No, a hawk mought ketch me.
  • His pet hawk had left his wrist and flown away.
  • Behold yonder hawk silently darting from the pine-wood!
  • The Hawk only looked at him.
  • The Hawk was on the trail!
  • It might have been a hawk in gull-like light-gray uniform.
  • Painted Hawk asked him.
  • The Hawk is very bold.
  • Achilles quickly pursued him, as a hawk pursues a dove.
  • To give my new hawk bells, and let her fly.
  • The Hawk looked at him for a minute.
  • The Hawk was surprisingly patient.
  • The Hawk rose quickly.
  • The Hawk regarded him frigidly.
  • The Hawk smiled also.
  • Gently the Hawk tried the knob.
  • Painted Hawk seemed to understand.
  • The Hawk closed the door and considered what to do.
  • The Hawk relaxed from the brink on which he had wavered.

How To Use Hawk In A Sentence?

  • The Hawk relaxed and his face softened.
  • The hawk eyes of Tighe glittered.
  • Black Hawk accepted the present and said in reply.
  • The Hawk nodded to the port-locks on the left.
  • The hawk turned his head and sized Kit up.

Definition of Hawk

(transitive, intransitive) To cough up something from one's throat. | (transitive, intransitive) To try to cough up something from one's throat; to clear the throat loudly. | A noisy effort to force up phlegm from the throat.
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