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  • The hawker shook his head, and shouldered his basket.
  • While we waited, a hawker came and sat near us.
  • Cadger, a hawker (especially of fish).
  • Squire Hawker played both the bigamist and the bandit.
  • Squire Hawker was not poor when he gave up the estate.
  • About half the crowd surged forward with Hawker in front.
  • A hawker passes, balancing a basket full of live and crawling crabs.
  • Colonel Hawker made a contrivance upon wheels which he pushed before him.
  • And putting forth a long arm he dragged Hawker back into the crowd.
  • For some moments no one spoke, and even the ravings of Hawker were stilled.

How To Use Hawker In A Sentence?

  • Up and down the platform a hawker was walking with a broad basket over his arm.
  • Just then Liu Pei, a hawker of straw shoes, arrived, interposed, and put a stop to the fight.
  • On 19th April Captain Hawker dropped bombs on a German airshed from a height of only 200 feet.
  • Each hawker was intent on extracting coins from the interested spectators, who hung over the side of the steamer.
  • The colloquy between her and the hawker had probably lasted for some time, as both parties looked heated and angry.
  • His dress and appearance in general exclude the idea of a hawker or even a hall-porter; he is a man of poor physique and so cannot be a policeman.
  • The tense stillness was now and then broken by the bawling of a swarthy hawker thrusting himself amid the spectators with cups and a jar of sour wine.
  • Did Dr. Hawker say that it was impossible to produce an assent to the historic credibility of the facts related in the Gospel?
  • I looked around at the familiar street dogs and hawker stands and then hailed a motorcycle taxi to take me home, which was a short distance of 3 kms.

Definition of Hawker

Someone who breeds and trains hawks and other falcons; a falconer.
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