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  • Helen Hayes did not have a double chin.
  • Miss Hayes did not get much sympathy from her family.
  • Jimmie Hayes and Muriel.
  • Mr. Hayes said, getting to business.
  • Mr. Hayes and I walked in.
  • You see, Quantrell and Hayes air with him.
  • My mother was Louisa Hayes from Memphis.
  • Therefore HAYES is the better man.
  • Therefore HAYES is naturally fitted to become an explorer.
  • Therefore HAYES should be the Congressional favorite.
  • Therefore HAYES is the man to sail to the Pole.
  • Under Hayes account was again taken of character and fitness.
  • Mrs. Hayes herself told me she was just real useless about the house.
  • In the reform of the civil service Hayes proceeded from words to action.
  • President Hayes expected much, but received nothing in return.
  • Visitors to the club were not an infrequent occurrence, Mr. Hayes told us.
  • The raw material was rough enough, but Mr. Hayes had worked wonders with it.
  • O. B. Hayes 1.00 Easthampton.
  • Amongst them is Hayes Barton, the birthplace of Sir Walter Raleigh.
  • To send a sailor like HAYES in quest of land would be absurd.
  • Mrs. J. W. Hayes 25.00 New Salem.
  • Conkling, Roscoe, contest with Hayes over New York Custom-house, 255.
  • The betrayal of the Negro, from Rutherford B. Hayes to Woodrow Wilson.

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  • President Hayes expressed great solicitude as to the future fortunes of this people.
  • He could only think of Hayes as an ex-President and a man whom he highly esteemed.
  • This was to be the waving of a fire-brand by General Hayes in front of house number two.
  • Then Thomas chuckled, and added that Helen Hayes was the brightest woman he knew.
  • Primarily, a woman is Helen Hayes or Gertrude Vance, and should sign herself as such.
  • For seven years he worked in the saddle-tree shop for Sullivan, Hayes & Co., prison contractors.
  • I found out that Red Hayes from Bristol Valley was a sergeant mechanic there at Maxwell Field.
  • When the count was completed and the usual declaration made, Hayes had no choice but to abide by the decision.
  • Mr. Hayes was quite right: each conspirator was only too ready to save himself by betraying his fellows.
  • Methods of plant breeding, by Herbert Kendall Hayes & Forrest Rhinehart Immer.
  • With proper preparation and organization, such as Hayes would have insisted upon, it might have been a success.
  • I have brought Hayes and Cleveland into juxtaposition, as each had a high personal regard for the other.
  • In their way of meeting the insistent demand for the remonetization of silver Hayes and Sherman differed.
  • Then he broke off to say that he didn't think that Helen Hayes was over-happy at home.
  • Grant had attempted and Hayes had accomplished a measure of reform, but to really fix the merit system in the civil service a law was needed.
  • In the melioration of the public service which has been so conspicuously in operation since 1877, Hayes must be rated the pioneer President.
  • Something like military discipline prevailed among the two hundred in the upper room where the superior rank of General Hayes was often recognized.

Definition of Hayes

plural of haye
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