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  • Hazlitt greatly preferred the pit to the boxes.
  • Hazlitt is pre-eminently a fresh-air man.
  • Hazlitt gives two examples of this species of knavery.
  • Essays of William Hazlitt.
  • Translated by W. Hazlitt.
  • By the late William Hazlitt.
  • Ruth Hazlitt nodded, shy, took my hand in introduction.
  • Hazlitt finds John Ford finical and fastidious.
  • At five-and-twenty William Hazlitt heard him preach.
  • Moreover, he got rid of Mrs. Hazlitt on very easy terms.
  • And Mr. Carew Hazlitt thinks that they are not.
  • Hazlitt, Mr. Registrar, Vol.
  • SEE Hazlitt, William.
  • Hazlitt, W. C., on lost books, 12, 14.
  • Hazlitt, do.
  • SEE Brennan, Frederick Hazlitt.
  • SEE Brennan, Frederick Hazlitt.
  • Hazlitt, on Dekker, 78, 79, 181, 190; on Heywood, 201.
  • How is Hazlitt?
  • Hazlitt, 61, 239.
  • We shall find this same curious difference everywhere in Hazlitt.
  • I am very near agreeing with Hazlitt that Shakspeare is enough for us.
  • Of what is rather affectedly called "architectonic," Hazlitt has nothing.
  • But Hazlitt, though he served in the shafts, shows little trace of the harness.
  • How can Hazlitt call Warton's the finest sonnets?
  • It is true that this was significant enough, for it came from William Hazlitt.
  • It's the finest thing by God as Hazlitt would say.
  • Hazlitt, Leigh Hunt, Charles Lamb: A. Ireland, 1868.
  • Hazlitt, William, account of Coleridge's preaching, 90.

How To Use Hazlitt In A Sentence?

  • Hazlitt mentions, only to condemn however, an entertainment answering to this description.
  • Hazlitt was married to an amiable woman, and divorced after a few years, at his own request.
  • There was no justification for Hazlitt, and none has been attempted by his biographers.
  • As for his politics, Hazlitt seems to me to have had no clear political creed at all.
  • I suppose you will have heard that Hazlitt has on foot a prosecution against Blackwood.
  • Indeed, I am afraid that "gentleman" is exactly what cannot be predicated of Hazlitt.
  • I can only say that I know no critic with whom on this point I differ so seldom as with Hazlitt.
  • Hazlitt wrote much at an inn at Winterslow, with Salisbury Plain around the corner of his view.
  • Hazlitt followed the method of outlining the story by quotation with interspersed sarcasm and ironical criticism.
  • Yet this is the way in which one has to speak of Jeffrey and Hazlitt, of Wilson and De Quincey.
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