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  • He claimed her more and more at dances.
  • Then he claimed the reward.
  • He claimed to be the state.
  • He claimed the evenings of his guest.
  • This man must be what he claimed to be.
  • He claimed that it was too far from town.
  • And he claimed his commissions from the winners.
  • This he claimed whether he found witches or not.
  • He claimed that he never lifted his hand against me.
  • When the hour came he claimed the dance.
  • He claimed that he came there to look for angleworms.
  • The fee which he claimed for this advice was a guinea.
  • He claimed to have no idea whatever of the value of money.
  • Last pay day he claimed someone robbed him.
  • He claimed no indulgence; he asked no toleration.
  • Do you think the old cod really lost money as he claimed?
  • He claimed the Seris were an ugly tribe.
  • He claimed that the crown descended through Isabel to him.
  • If these are true, Jesus is all he claimed to be.
  • He claimed to justify the ways of God to men.
  • He claimed he was a graduate of Dublin College.
  • He claimed his name was really Neale Sorber!
  • As a boy he claimed Ralph Waldo Emerson as a friend.
  • He claimed to be the murdered Peter III.
  • Bacon published in his time all the writings that he claimed.
  • The same independence which he claimed for himself he likewise extended to me.
  • It seemed to suggest that he claimed some sort of ownership.
  • He was unwilling to accord to others the right which he claimed for himself.
  • Had a little suitcase that he claimed was a marvelous new power source.
  • Right or wrong in what he claimed as truth, he was a genuine man.
  • He claimed to have a presentiment that he would fall in battle at an early day.
  • He claimed no denominational name, but preached this glorious truth.
  • She was paying him full rental, but he claimed that his house was being ruined.
  • He claimed the food as his portion, and strapped it to his broad shoulders.
  • Jumped overboard to hurry for help,' he claimed.

How To Use He Claimed In A Sentence?

  • If the mare won in the coming struggle he claimed her as his own with tears of unctuous joy.
  • He claimed that this power was all around, but that it was easiest to get it out of water.
  • He was then asked to pay the fine, but he claimed his further choice of the fifty sticks.
  • He claimed to be my guardian, and to have the legal right to possess whatever belonged to me.
  • He claimed to be a great pugilist, and he was forever telling of the men he had put to sleep.
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